As summer draws to a close and most of us are heading back to work, sadly the only reminder of sunny days and relaxing holidays are our treasured photographs. So of course those of us who were lucky enough to catch some rays either at home or abroad will want to hold on to their suntan for as long as possible.

Here, we reveal the tips that will prolong your holiday glow from the inside out – and a few nifty cheating tricks!

Eat right:
Good skincare starts with the right nutrition and to maintain your golden glow beyond the airport arrivals hall you should fill up on Vitamin C rich foods like berries, dark leafy greens and citrus fruits. Carrots, apricots and mangos will also help to prolong your bronzed complexion due to their high beta-carotene content. Drinking plenty of water will restore skin elasticity and prevent peeling.

While they key to a great tan is gradual UV exposure, many of us are guilty of staying in the sun for too long – or applying too little sun protection. So whether you’ve been exposed to sun, wind and sand for just a day or two whole weeks, it’s important to rehydrate your parched skin. If you are nursing the remnants of sunburn, cool the affected areas by applying a soothing gel like Hawaiian Tropic’s Aloe Vera After Sun gel. A rich moisturiser like Radiance Body Lotion by Burt’s Bees will leave your teint nourished, while the light reflecting mineral mica enhances your skin’s natural glow.

Don’t wash it all off:
In the shower, switch your usual body wash for an oil-based product like Nivea’s delicious smelling Sunny Melon & Oil Shower Gel. It will lock moisture into your skin while leaving it silky smooth and shimmering. To protect your tan further, it is also recommendable to go easy on body scrubs and waxing treatments, as they can strip your skin of its brown top layer.

Damage control: 
We all know that we should be careful when exposing our sun to aggressive summer heat, but sometimes even the best intentions fall by the wayside. While sun damage might not be completely reversibly, there are plenty of repair products that will battle to restore skin discolouration and elasticity. Kiehl’s Açaí Damage-Repairing Serum is enriched with the Açaí berry’s powerful antioxidant properties to supercharge your skin’s repair mechanism.

The tanning cheat sheet:
|When your bronzed glow begins to fade, apply a gradual tan moisturizer to prolong your sunkissed complexion. Dove Summer Glow has become a favourite with beauty editors for its natural tone and subtle scent. Bronzing powder is a year-round make-up must-have and will give your complexion a healthy boost. Guerlain’s Terracotta Bronzing Powder has been praised for its natural hue and moisturizing properties, while NARS golden shimmer infused Bronzing Powder will add extra warmth and radiance to your teint.