How to get Korean-style beach waves in less than 10 minutes B.pngImage: Instagram

#Hairspo of the hour: Clara Lee herself, that dewy K-Drama damsel with the beguiling bosom (no escaping that!) and equally enthralling head of wind-swept waves.

Even better, yours truly reckons that Clara’s cascade of curls will make for a fabulous follicular conversation piece that will have your secretaries and fellow cubicle warriors buzzing for days after – even if you’re miles away from a beach vacay. Oh, and with practice, styling summer’s chicest cut ought to take you about 10 minutes, tops.

Raring to cop Clara’s mesmerising morning-after mane? Here’s how:    

Step 1. The trick to bagging a buoyant bounce that’s salon-worthy is to start by massaging in a mane-maximising mousse – try Living Proof’s fantastic Full Thickening Mousse – so as to keep limp locks at bay while simultaneously amping up the volume in your hair.

Step 2. After scrunching in your texturiser, proceed to blitz blithely with a dryer until oh, 80 percent dry. then use a with a rounded brush to make a deep part. (Side, off-centre or centre? Your call, really. Whatever rocks your bouffant!)

Step 3. Keeping the top of your head sleek and smooth, grab sections of hair at ear height and coil around a barrel curling iron. Wait for them to set, then release the curls from the spirals and separate by running your fingers through them.

Step 4. Finish by flipping the two face-framing “curtains” of hair away from your face; our goal is a sleeker simulation of Farrah Fawcett’s famously feathery fringe.

Step 5. Tease the ends with a medium-sized boar-bristle brush for even more volume, then finish with liberal pumps of a medium-hold setting spray. Voila, va-va-voom waves worthy of a Korean beach babe!

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