How to get the Korean C-Curl hairstyle in 3 simple steps! B.pngImage: Pinterest

Want to switch up your hair game? Consider the cool C-Curl perm.

Unlike the mortifying “Maggi mee” mop of yesteryear, this K-Beauty invention is infinitely more wearable, with waves at the tip tapering inwards towards the chin for a feathery bob-like finish.

Sported by lovely K-Pop luminaries the likes of SNSD’s Yoona, the soft coils of the C-Curl also boasts the entirely welcome beauty benefit of “contouring” your jaw for that V-shaped visage everyone and their mother’s so obsessed with these days.     

In any case, the very best thing about the C-Curl is that just about any chick can rock the look. Round- or oval-shaped faces should ask for side-swept bangs and length on top to elongate the facial profile; if you’re square-jawed, get your stylist to give you lots of lush layers around the ears to soften the hard planes of your face. Easy-peasy!

Maintenance-wise, the C-Curl is maximum fabulousness and minimum fuss – some dry shampoo, a curling iron and volumising setting spray will suffice. Ready to give this a shot? Here’s how to ride the Korean “wave” in three simple steps:

How to get the Korean C-Curl hairstyle in 3 simple steps! Styling-Rootalicious.png

STEP 1. The trick to bagging the C-Curl’s buoyant bounce is to start by dusting a degreasing volumiser into the roots of your hair. I’m obsessed with Original & Mineral’s Rootalicious Root Lift Spray ($40, from Sephora), a discreet, pocket-sized spritz-and-go canister that keeps limp locks at bay while simultaneously amping up the volume in your hair. After scrunching the texturiser into your hair, blow dry with a rounded brush.

STEP 2.  On to curling. Try Philips’ excellent new Easy Natural Curler BHH777 ($69, available from major department stores) which sports an automatic clip-and-curl mechanism that, as its name suggests, is specifically designed to create the sort of soft swirls we’re gunning for here.

How to get the Korean C-Curl hairstyle in 3 simple steps! phillips.png

What you do is to grab sections of hair at ear height and coil around your iron, making sure they curl inwards towards your chin. Wait for the strands to set, then release the locks and separate by running your fingers through them.

STEP 3. Tease random chunks of the crown with a medium-sized boar-bristle brush for even more volume, then finish with liberal pumps of a setting spray.

And you’re done! A follicular conversation piece that’s both perfectly on-trend and jaw-slenderising to boot.

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