How to get Kim Kardashian's signature look B1.png

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Los Angeles on November 1 AFP PHOTO / VALERIE MACON

We might not be able to explain Kim Kardashian’s meteoric rise, but we’re certainly not able to deny it. This week news broke that the 34-year-old celebrity’s debut app has raked in over US$43 million (about S$55.6 million), and she’s also arrived on the front cover of Paper Magazine, shot by the legendary Jean-Paul Goude. Here’s how to get the Kardashian look.

Brown smoky eyes

Makeup artist Evon primes her eyes, then applies blended layers of eyeshadow for this dramatic Kardashian-inspired look. She adds thick eyeliner, false eyelashes and two lighter ‘natural’ eyebrow colours. Blended highlights and contours finish the look. 

Dewy make-up

Leslie Alvarado has put together this in-depth reworking of a look created by celebrity makeup artist Etienne Ortega for Kim Kardashian. There are plenty of products needed to pull off this dewy-look makeup, but we think the results are worth it if you’re after a bit of Kardashian magic. 

Red lips, winged eyes

Vlogger Laura Lee works a red carpet-style Kim Kardashian look in this four-minute video. Par for the course (or should that be ‘Kar for the kourse’), it requires plenty of highlighting, but this specific look focuses on winged eyeliner and bright red lips. — AFP Relaxnews