Bold and thick
Dense brows look au naturel – like you’re too cool to care. But there’s an art to this style: soften the look by having a slightly defined arch and always tweeze off stray strands. Steer clear if you have delicate features or a small face, as bold brows will overwhelm, not complement, you.

TIP #1:
To fill in gaps, use a creamy pencil instead of a waxy one, which can leave harsh streaks.

How to get fabulous celeb style eyebrows krysten ritter.jpg

Actress Krysten Ritter has naturally thick brows that only need to be filled in slightly.

TIP # 2:
Spritz hairspray onto a toothbrush or an old (but clean) mascara wand and comb through – great for taming unruly brows.

How to get fabulous celeb style eyebrows lily collins.jpg

Actress Lily Collins’s thick arches bring out her striking features.

TIP #3:
To match a new dye job, just brush on tinted brow mascara in a colour one shade lighter than your tresses. Then, define with a creamy brow pencil.

How to get fabulous celeb style eyebrows camilla belle.jpg

Actress Camilla Belle keeps her brows lush yet perfectly shaped and free of strays.

Slender and defined
Stay away from pencil-thin shapes as they make you look older and more haggard. Instead, go no narrower than 0.3cm. To avoid overplucking, get your brows threaded and plucked by an expert initially. Then, tidy up every few days by tweezing your arches at home.

TIP #1:
If you want a soft yet defined look, stick to brow powders. They’re easier to blend and you can gradually build up the intensity.

How to get fabulous celeb style eyebrows angelina jolie.jpg

Actress Angelina Jolie’s brows are slightly lifted at the end, giving her a youthful look.

TIP #2: The best way to get to hard-toreach fine hairs is with a sharp, slanted tweezer. This tool helps you to get a more precise shape and won’t pinch your skin.

How to get fabulous celeb style eyebrows olivia palmero.jpg

Actress and model Olivia Palermo keeps her brows slim yet natural-looking with a low arch.

TIP #3: Once you’re done filling in your arches with a pencil or powder, dust some translucent powder over them to soak up excess oil and help makeup last longer.

How to get fabulous celeb style eyebrows dita von teese.jpg

Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese’s angled brows balance out her square face shape.

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This story was first published in Her World Magazine June 2013.

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