You may scoff at going back to beauty basics – surely application of eye cream is a no-brainer – but do you really, really know how to maximise the product’s de-puffing potential?

Eyebrows still raised in scepticism? Challenge accepted!

STEP 1. I’m going with a regular jar or tube-type product; let’s reserve rollerballs for another day, shall we. Now, most creams come with their own little instructional leaflets, but in general all you need is a tiny scoop the size of a pea.

Using your ring finger, dot the cream under your eye, starting about 1 cm below your lash line and progressing from the inner to outer corner. This bit is important: Fanning outwards aids in funnelling accumulated fluid into lymphatic channels for drainage.

Surprising tip: More isn’t more in this instance. If you pile on the product, the excess will only inch itself into your eyes and irritate them into watery redness. To save yourself from tears, wait two minutes, then blot off any residual cream that hasn’t been absorbed.

STEP 2. “Pressing” question: How much pressure should you exert? Answer: Close to none. I like to imagine tinkling the ivories when I’m going about my routine; think lithe little taps with the tip of your finger.

STEP 3. Beauty bonus: If you’re particularly puffy from pulling too many all-nighters, try this neat little eye-xercise after applying your eye cream.

Using clean fingers and starting from the inner corners, press gently for about five seconds, inching outwards at five-second intervals. So that’d be five seconds of pressure close to the tear ducts; five seconds at the midway point directly below your pupils, and a final five seconds at the tapering end of your lash-line.

This prodding of your pressure points prompts further fluid drainage, plus it’ll feel pretty darn good after a long day of eyeballing your electronic devices.

All told, the entire shebang should take no more than five minutes, tops. Easy peasy. I trust this has been an eye-opener of a read, panda-eyed people!

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