Fall/Winter 12 was the season when the eyebrow became a fashion accessory. Thanks to Chanel’s collaboration with embroidery studio Maison Lesage, models at the show sported extravagant crystallised brows. At Versace we saw the Lisbeth Salander-inspired bleached non-brow, while fashion houses such as Hervé Léger and Alberta Ferretti went with a grunge, statement brow.

Here, Maybelline make-up artist Linda Mehrens shares some tips on how you can create the perfect frame for your face.

“Our brand has always had great pens but in all the wrong colours; dark brown and grey. Who uses a grey eyebrow pen? This year Maybelline has created three very wearable pens, Master Shape Brow in dark blond, soft brown and deep brown. I am thrilled!” Linda exclaimed.

Linda also runs her own make-up school and has all the tricks for creating the most natural looking eyebrow. To find the perfect shape, she suggests using a pen to create an imaginary line from the inner corner of the brow to its highest point, and draw it in with small, featherlike strokes.

“Start with brushing the brow upwards to see its natural shape. Use the pen with a light hand and use it in the opposite direction of how the hair grows. This way, you get the pen on the actual hair instead of on the skin, which can make the brow look waxed and stiff,” Linda explained.

“From the highest point outwards, the brow should be thinner so make the thinner part one third of the length of the brow. Also, try to create a shape that points slightly more upwards than your natural brow. If it points down to much, your eye can look droopy and sad.” – COVER MEDIA