How to double cleanse your hair to make it super soft and shiny B.png

Game to try a cool new spin on the ol’ “lather, rinse, repeat” adage? A really neat way of introducing hair oils into your routine, particularly if you’re predisposed to a greasy mop, is to use them as a gentle pre-wash treatment.

Think of this hair hack as being homologous to the oil cleansing component of your skincare ritual. As with your facial cleansing oil, the lipids lift away the day’s dirt and debris for fuller penetration of the goodness from your clarifying shampoos.

Here’s how. Warm up a generous dollop of hair treatment oil in your palms, work it into uncleansed dry hair, then relax for five minutes or so. (If you’re daunted by the prospect of dripping all over your daybed, clip up your coiffure and secure with a shower cap.)

When you think you’ve had enough, step into the shower and splash off with warm water. Follow up with your go-to shampoo and suds up for surpassingly silky strands. Post-rinse, your locks may be so lush as to be able to skip conditioner. Good luck!

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