Celebrity hairdresser Adam Reed says combining the two runway-staples of fishtail braid and a bun will create a gorgeous look for fall.

How to create a fishtail topknot bun

All you need is a hairbrush, some hairspray and a couple of hairbands. And if you’re finding the fishtail a bit fiddly, you can always swap it for an easy peasy braid, which will look just a chic.

Here are his tips for creating a stunning fishtail bun.

1. The first step is to divide the hair into two sections, one at the back and another at the front. Pull the back section up into a ponytail and give it a brush with a soft dressing brush, sprayed with some Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray hairspray. Doing this helps form the hair and gives control. Next tie the ponytail, ideally with a hook band.

2. Now do exactly the same with the front section. Gather it into a ponytail and secure with a band.

3. The next step is to fishtail braid each of the two ponytails so you end up with a front and a back plait.

4. Then take the front braid and roll it down nesting into the back braid and securing with a geisha pin.

5. Give a generous spritz of hair spray and you’re ready to go.