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Is zit art if I “squeeze” as many pimple puns into this story as possible?

Pimples are a pain in the face, no question. Even crummier: The post-breakout blemishes besmirching your complexion – arguably tougher to tuck out of sight than spots proper.

Happily, there’s hope yet. If you’re an apprentice in the art of subterfuge, this bad-ass beauty strategy will aid you in your blemish-busting battle. Ready? Go!


Spend some quality prime time and that extra step will stand you in good stead. A superior silicone-free primer will provide “grab” and glide for the flesh-toned pigments to come. Cycle through your usual unguents, then go over the particularly pitted areas with a generous patting of your go-to primer.


Okay, step one down. Onwards and upwards. Next, foundation. Formula-wise, you should be gunning for glimmer and gleam.

I know a dewy-finish fluid foundation may seem counterintuitive when it comes to screening out scars – shouldn’t we be cutting down on spot-causing gunk and grease instead? – but my beauty buddy and makeup artist Larry Yeo says it’s the intricate interplay of light that deflects attention away from the discolouration of acne scars: “Look for light-to-medium coverage foundies that contain reflective optics because these particles help create the illusion of smoother skin.”

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Think of it this way: Luminous liquids furnish your face with a ravishing radiance that’s quite similar to that afforded by selfie filter apps. More light, less visible scars.

Product recommendations? I’m obsessed with Estee Lauder’s fabulous new Futurist Aqua Brilliance Moisture Infused Liquid Makeup SPF 15/PA ++ and Tom Ford’s Traceless Perfecting Foundation SPF15, both of which boast decent sun protective powers – pivotal for preventing further skin damage – and a plethora of plush moisture magnets for cushiony all-day comfort.  

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Also on my lust list is Dior’s delectable Diorskin Star Foundation, which comes chock-full of next-gen “colour-correcting” pigments encapsulated in silica beads said to work like a real-life Instagram filter in simulating that softly diffused, is-she-or-isn’t-she look the beauty world is so enamoured with these days.

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So many products, so little time. Last one: Sisley’s superb Phyto-Teint Expert is another winner in my beauty books, being light as souffle, deliciously blendable and buildable, with a skin-friendly cocktail of vitamin E and ginkgo biloba thrown in for a beautifying boost.


Take five as you load up on my nifty guide on the dos and don’ts of foundation; I’ll be right here waiting. All done? We’re almost there! Bring out the big guns because it’s time to get serious on any spots, scars and such that are still visible after applying your base. A creamy concealer is best for our purposes because you want to amplify the light-reflecting loveliness of your foundation.

Go right ahead and use clean fingers if you must, but I’m partial to using a stiff angled brush for precision coverage; simply stipple onto the scar itself and blend outwards to blur the boundary between blemish and the surrounding skin. Try Bobbi Brown’s very covetable Creamy Concealer Kit, which comes complete with a nifty loose powder compartment for setting; or Shu Uemura’s insanely practical Point Cealer, a sexy little sponge-tipped pen for fuss-free touch-ups on the go. No creases and crinkles after a night of gallivanting, too, from my experience.

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Got your concealer of choice on standby? Now for the brilliant bit. If your acne scar has resulted in a shallow depression (I hesitate to use the word “pockmark”, which sounds so very harsh), the trick is to switch to a concealer that’s a shade lighter than your true match.

Again, it comes down to smoke, sheen and mirrors: The paler concealer “lifts” your sunken scar to bring it near-level to the rest of your skin. The result? A mirror-like mirage that doesn’t dissipate until your admirer is an inch or two away from your face, at which point a pit or two probably won’t matter anymore …



Right, then. This last step is optional, but if you have time to spare while waiting for your date to come knocking on your door, do as I do and finish with a pinch of satiny sheer powder – Larry Yeo recommends Make Up For Ever’s Super Matte Loose Powder – to “freeze” the pigments and prevent slipping and sliding.

Okay, time for a quick recap: Primer, luminous foundation, a lighter shade of concealer, setting powder, done.

These three (or four) steps ought to take the edge off the sting of your spots. Congrats, you’re now a cherished member of a covert community of “undercover” agents!

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