Cushion compacts are wonderful ‒ they cut down on makeup application time (more sleep in the morning!), they’re easy to touch up with, and they’re cooling on the skin, which is always a plus in our humid weather. 

The only problem? Washing the puffs that come along with it.

Song Hye Kyo for Laneige. The brand’s cushion compacts are my favourite ‒ the formula has great coverage and lasts all day

Some say that you do not have to do it too often, because cushion puffs have an anti-bacterial layer. Well, no. The product in cushion compacts are, at the end of the day, in liquid form, and when something moist is left on its own for a long time, bacteria starts to form. Now imagine stamping your muddy puff into your compact and then on your face ‒ gross right?

You might already be buying new puffs every now and then, but why not save an extra buck or two and try washing it like I do at the end of each week

By the way, like you, I’ve torn many puffs in the past before arriving at this method, so don’t worry, I’ve made all the mistakes for you.

STEP 1. First, take your oil cleanser, or some micellar water and soak your sponge. Leave it to break down the makeup residue on the sponge for about 10 minutes. I do this while I take a shower so it doesn’t feel like I’m waiting for too long.

How to clean your BB cushion puff  save money bioderma B.pngHow to clean your BB cushion puff  save money biore B.png

I use these as compared to ordinary soap because of their makeup cleansing purposes

STEP 2. If you’re using an oil cleanser, wet the puff and start squeezing out all the gunk. With micellar water, you should be able to see the murky beige liquid without having to run it under the tap. 

STEP 3. Repeat if there is any residue. I however, like to follow up with a cake soap specially meant for makeup cleansing, like the Beautyblender Solid Cleanser, since I use it to wash all my other makeup tools.

How to clean your BB cushion puff  save money beauty blender.png

The one cleanser that does it all for me

STEP 4. Once the water coming out from the sponge is clear, you’re done! Leave the puff out overnight and it should be dry by morning.

You can always experiment with other methods like beauty vloggers Edward Avila and Hover – trust her, she’s got almost all the cushion compacts on the market.

Check out what Edward Avila does to clean his cushion puff

Here’s Hover’s version of compact puff cleaning

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