In knead of a massage
A good massage can address every bodily system from muscles to mind. Whether you’re looking to restore your rhomboids, distress your deltoids or simply want to indulge yourself in a sensory experience, choose the massage that’s right for you.

Head and neck
The traditional Indian head massage can incorporate the neck, upper back, shoulders and arms. Usually you’ll be seated and this massage can last around 20 minutes, an ideal pit-stop on your lunch hour or a quick de-stress after a long day. This method reduces tension, aches and pains and stimulates a healthy scalp.

Body and mind
The philosophy behind the biodynamic massage is the unity of body and mind. This gentle, full body massage is praised for its therapeutic properties by awakening your mind. Breathing is central to this massage and the massage therapist will tune into your body’s workings, a process that lasts around one hour.

Deep tissue
A sports massage or deep tissue massage is used to address specific muscular problems. Usually around half an hour long, this intensive pummelling may cause discomfort but within a day you’ll feel tension free. While not the most relaxing massage it will unravel knots and cure strains.

Full body
The Swedish full body massage is probably the most popular choice. This gentle and flowing manipulation of muscle and skin is the perfect tonic for relaxing and achieving a state of wellbeing. The Swedish massage can be completed in forty minutes, but why not ask for an hour, or two? © Cover Media