How to blowdry your hair at home fast with the best results

Image: Showbit

#1 Apply your conditioner evenly
Hair tends to tangle while you shampoo and you can damage it trying to run your fingers through the strands. When you’re conditioning your hair, use a wide-tooth comb to slowly detangle hair and evenly distribute the conditioner. Start from the bottom and comb through, working in sections until your hair is tangle-free! 

#2 Don’t towel-dry 
Towels are going to give you more frizz, and damage your hair more easily. While investing in a microfibre towel is great (they cause less friction and absorb more water), a regular cotton tee is fine too. This is a crucial step for less frizziness, but just be sure you’re gently squeezing out or blotting your hair and not rubbing it dry, starting from the top of your head. You can let your hair air-dry a little as you go about your skincare routine and get dressed.

#3 Pre-dry hair products
You’ll need a product that detangles and smoothes your hair, as well as something that protects your hair from heat damage, especially if you blowdry your hair often. Of course, something that does both will save a lot of time and money.

There are also “express dry” sprays that prime your hair and claim to reduce the time it takes to blowdry your hair. Some might have a bit of hold in them so your blowout stays in place, and others might give your locks more volume. 

#4 The blowout part 1
Put down your hairbrush because this is just between you and your hairdryer. Use your fingers to gently comb through and tousle your hair as you blowdry, especially at the roots.

This step is just to get your hair about halfway dry and not about styling per se. You don’t want to use a brush until your hair is much drier because hair is a lot more fragile when wet.

Pro tip: An ionic hair dryer works better because it’s still effective on a lower heat setting. Negative ions from the hairdryer are said to bond with positive ions in your wet hair, breaking down large water molecules into smaller ones so that they dry faster.

#5 The blowout part 2
When your hair is about halfway dry, it’s time to get out the brush. A round ceramic brush is great for blowdrying, but make sure it’s vented (that is, it has a hollow core with holes in it) for the best results, especially if you have thick hair. Most salons or blowout bars will section your hair into many parts, but that’s too tedious at home.

Just pin up the top half of your hair and work in 2 sections, wrapping hair around the brush and drying from root to end. Make sure to point your blow dryer downwards as you go to minimise frizz and to get your hair as sleek as possible.

#6 A finishing touch
There’s nothing like frizziness to ruin a great blowout, which is why an anti-frizz serum or spray is a must-have in Singapore weather. A serum that tames flyaways and boosts shine will give you sleek locks and leave you looking like you just walked out of a salon.