How to apply any type of eyeliner without smudging guaranteed! B.pngImage: Pinterest

We’ve all endured morning makeup marathons which have ended in a beauty boo-boo now and then; think sullied shadow or eyeliner with a less-than-fab flick. Who’s with me?

In crises like these, don’t throw up your hands in despair and resign yourself to a do-over.  

Instead, try this top trick that’ll save you from tears and tragedy – have micellar water and a bunch of cotton buds on standby.

How it works

But first, a little explanation. Micellar water gets its exotic name from the science behind the product: The main component are microscopic “micelles”, or oil molecules suspended in a “shell” of water.

Rubbing releases the micelles, instantly sopping up grime and grease on your skin. And unlike your regular oil-based cleanser, this next-gen, non-foaming solution boasts the kind of “slip” you’d expect from a water-based product.

What to do

What you do is to dip the cottony end of your bud in micellar water, press the wet tip onto the superfluous smudge on your lid, then sweep out and up towards the temples in one deft, decisive move.

You can then pat in some concealer to cover up the freshly denuded swatch of skin. Easy-peasy.  

Micellar water and cotton buds: Your dynamic duo for winging it with eyeliner. Good luck!

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