pretty polish As the go-to nail technician for a whole host of runway designers, it’s fair to say that Essie Weingarten is something of a celebrity within the nail world.

Having started up the Essie brand 30 years ago, the beauty maverick has seen her line become a global sensation.

And this season’s range of polishes certainly won’t disappoint fans of the brand’s inimitable names and hues.

But which is her favourite shade for Spring?

“If I had to choose, I would have to pick our world-renowned Ballet Slippers, because it has garnered us enormous attention around the world and continues to be one of our most popular colours,” she told Vogue.

Speaking about brand’s richly pigmented shades, Essie revealed what inspires her hues.

“Colours can be inspired by sunsets, or a great work of art or an amazing catwalk look,” she said.

“Sometimes I’ll see a shoe and think, ‘Wow, that is it.’

“I’ll bring the shoe into my office and mix a sample colour to match it right then and there. Then comes the name. The name has got to click with the colour. Naming is so fun! Honestly, sometimes it just comes to me in a flash and I’m grateful for that.” © Cover Media