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If you assumed that the highlighting and contouring craze had reached saturation point, then think again — apparently the latest part of your body that needs a little shine is your bikini line.

Scandinavian beauty brand ‘The Perfect V’ has been causing a stir this week, thanks to its new line of intimate products, featuring a certain ‘Very V Luminizer’. Promising “luminous iridescent color to add some extra prettiness to the V,” the product, priced at $43, also claims to improve the condition of the bikini line, containing vitamin E to tone and prevent dark spots, elderflower to soothe and resulting in skin that looks “more youthful and fresh.”


We talked to some women in the office to get their opinions. I Yune, Her World’s Feature Writer feels that the product takes too much effort, saying “If you’re going to the beach or the pool. It’s either going to be washed away or hidden in the water somehow. So I’m not sure I can see enough benefits in this to be interested.”

On the other hand, Nicola, the Her World Editor pointed out some benefits to the product, when you don’t use it at the beach: “We contour almost every other part of our body, so why not down there too! I’d happily do it, particularly before a steamy night planned or if I wanted to ensure I looked my ultimate best at a pool party.”


“If you’ve ever watched videos online of females contouring their cheeks, nose, chin, breasts, stomach and even thighs…you’ll quickly see what a huge positive difference it makes, minus the surgery,” she added.

The online reaction to the concept has been mixed, with several media outlets pointing out that there is already enough pressure on women to look ‘perfect’ without adding intimate highlighters into the mix.


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However, according to Refinery 29, models taking to the catwalk a few days ago during the Scandinavian Chic show at Miami Swim Week sported suitably radiant inner thighs thanks to ‘The Perfect V.’

The brand, which was founded by former beauty marketing executive Avonda Urben, first broke onto the scene this summer. It is supposed to “embrace the Scandinavian woman’s lifestyle” by channelling Nordic body confidence. 

The ‘Very V Luminizer’ is a pretty controversial beauty product, and while we can see how it helps women feel more confident when wearing a bikini, we’re not sure if the trend will take off.  


This story has been adapted, the original version was published on Relax News, 28 July 2017