The idea of having great smelling hair throughout the day inspired Herbal Essences to create a product that attempts to do just that. Introducing its Japan Series, the brand famous for creating delicious smelling shampoos now brings you Touchable Smooth and Touchable Moisture shampoo, conditioner, and an intensive hair treatment.

As smell is of the essence, the company enlisted the help of perfumers to design two kawaii scents. Touchable Smooth boasts layers of peach and raspberry, with base notes of sandalwood and amber. This particular concoction attempts to create the refreshing berry boost of fruits while still offering lingering smells of a woody texture. On the other hand, Touchable Moisture opts for layers of lily and jasmine, while deep hints of apricot and musk ground its scent.

The Herbal Essences Japan Series: Touchable Moisture and Touchable Smooth includes a shampoo, conditioner, and intensive treatment. With this series, the brand also revamped its formula to include eight naturally-derived ingredients ‒ such as rapeseed and coconut oil ‒ all in the hope of retaining your hair’s moisture and preserving its fragrance after every wash.

What we were very excited to find out was the use of Japanese camellia oil, a traditional hair care ingredient in Japan. The oil is known for its extreme moisturising properties as well as its richness in plant collagen. That isn’t all ‒ early clinical studies even suggests that it might work as an anti-wrinkle agent! After all, there isn’t any harm in having a wrinkle-free scalp too.

Herbal Essences Japan Series Touchable Moisture and Touchable Smooth, $5.90 for shampoos and conditioners, $12 for intensive hair treatment, is available at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets. For more information, visit and follow the brand on Facebook.