The Category: Facials (machine-based) 
The Award: Best Results-In-A-Flash 
The Winner: Simply Aesthetics – Glow Zone Laser Facial

The Treatment

This Laser Treatment Gave Us A Brighter And Bouncier Complexion

The Glow Zone Laser Facial uses low energy laser pulses that penetrate deep into the skin’s dermis layer to stimulate collagen production. 

The facial from this beauty salon has a whole host of benefits: It reduces pore size, repairs sun damage, treats acne, reduces the look of wrinkles and fine lines, and gives immediate brightening and a glow to your complexion.  

Most importantly, the treatment is comfortable and has no downtime, so it’s great for time-starved individuals who need to hurry off to the next thing on their to-do list.

What Happened After We Tried It


“After filling up the usual registration forms, the aesthetician asked about my skin concerns (dry and dehydrated skin, with an acne breakout on my forehead and on the right side of the face), then took me through the treatment process and its benefits. 

She began with a double cleanse, followed by a skin analysis (no machine used here, just her professional eye), picture-taking, and the application of a cool gel to the right side of my face pre-laser. 

There was a constant “bursting” sound and an immensely bright light as she glided the applicator over my face. I appreciated her attentiveness as she asked me if it was too warm or if I felt any discomfort at various points.

After she completed the right side, my therapist compared the treated and as-yet-untreated sides. The results were amazing. My skin was bouncier, the lines around my mouth were reduced, my pores seem to have been blurred out, and my skin was glowing.

She then repeated the process on the left side and forehead, taking about 45 minutes in all for the laser part. A mask meant for hydration and recovery was then applied, since my skin was now open to absorbing “all sorts of goodness” after the laser. The mask is also said to help the skin remain bouncy and younger-looking for a longer period of time. 

The next step involved light therapy (anti-ageing, of course) to target particular parts of my skin. After the treatment, I was advised to continue with a hydration mask for the next three days to maintain the effect. 

My skin looked really good after the facial. Lines appeared reduced, pores were blurred out, the skin was brightened and lifted, and felt bouncier to the touch and less saggy. While it didn’t do much for my acne, I was certainly impressed with the results.” 

Simply Aesthetics is at #B1-28 Capitol Singapore, tel: 6384-2598. First-time customers can enjoy a trial price of $38 for one session (UP $400) or $99 for three sessions.

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