Photo: Angela Guo

Wow, time indeed whizzes by. Our first-ever pop-up Beauty Dresser, which was at Chevron House from March 6 to 8, closed with a bang yesterday. It was three days of fun, what with the opening of lockers with surprise beauty gifts, free samples and the chance to get your nails and hair done for free. Oh, and not forgetting the vending machine dispensing cute little bottles of HIC Juice.

Photo: Angela Guo

Naturally, we jumped at the chance to ask the gurus for some surprising beauty tips. So let’s jump right into it:   

1. Never remove gel nails on your own

We know, the temptation to just peel your gel nails is real. But this will harm your nails, says Kimberly Chong from Belle & Co. “Always go to the salon to remove your gel nails.”

2. Round nails last longer than square nails

Round nails don’t chip as easily as square nails, says Chong. So the next time, you know what to do when you file your nails or go for a manicure!

Photo: Angela Guo

3. Don’t spam the top coat

Applying a top coat is key to making your nail colour last longer, but be careful not to get trigger-happy. “If the top coat is too thick, it’s hard to dry and will wrinkle up,” says Grace Tan from Belle & Co.

4. Use baby powder to keep your tresses fresh

For a quick fix, freelance makeup artist Ivy Tan suggests rubbing some baby powder on our scalp to remove the oil and have second-day hair that still smells nice.

Photo: Angela Guo

5. Use loose powder to make your mascara smudge-proof

Instead of using waterproof mascara, which can be difficult to remove, try brushing loose powder over your non-waterproof mascara to make it stay, says Stephanie Lee, marketing manager of Novel Link.

6. Apply lip tint before lipstick

A simple but often neglected trick: Apply lip tint before your lipstick so your lips still have colour even after the lipstick wears off. “You can mix and match different colours, it’s all up to you,” says Lee.

Photo: Angela Guo

7. Mattify your normal lipstick with loose powder

After applying your lipstick, place a piece of tissue over your lips and dust some loose powder over the top – voila, your lipstick becomes matte. But Lee reminds us to begin by moisturising our lips first as this method can be quite drying.

8. Use a darker shade of pressed powder for contouring

Bought a foundation shade that’s too dark? Don’t let it go to waste and use it for contouring, says Lee.

All right ladies, we hope you had a great time at our Beauty Dresser, or if you couldn’t make it, you still gained some valuable tips and tricks with our insider’s peek. Till next time!


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