Her World Beauty Awards 2017: All the winners

BREAKING: This is it. The public (and our experts) have spoken, so see who won what at the 16th edition of our Her World Beauty Awards
Every year, the Her World Beauty Awards toasts the plethora of products that have made us look and feel plain ol’ beautiful, both inside and out.

For 2017, our 20-strong judging panel of Her World beauty experts, aesthetic doctors, makeup artists and beauty bloggers stuck to the same guiding principle when poring through the staggering 500-odd nominees spread across 79 categories … with exciting little twists thrown in for good measure.

For one, keep a mascaraed eye out for the champs in the trendiest new beauty categories: Multi-tasking oils to add a lick of lubrication anytime, anywhere; anti-pollution sunscreens to shield our skin from both the sun and the smog; and what can only be described as the comeback of old-school micellar water for "lazy" girls, which cleanse and condition the complexion in one swipe of a cotton pad.

We've also tipped our hat to the rise of the machines in our Special Mention of the glitziest grooming gadgets – an acknowledgment of the increasing importance of at-home devices in the regimes of Singaporean women.

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