Each year, the Her World Beauty Awards toasts the plethora of products that have made us look and feel plain ol’ beautiful, both inside and out.
For 2016, our judging panel of Her World beauty experts, aesthetic doctors, makeup artists, hairstylists and beauty bloggers stuck to the same guiding principle when “poring” through the staggering 800-odd nominees spread across 903 categories…with exciting little twists thrown in for good measure.
For one, keep a mascaraed eye out for the winners in the trendiest new beauty categories: Facial oils for silky suppleness without stickiness; BB cushion compacts for fuss-free base application; and intriguing boosters, which are pre-serum treatments that promise to amp up the benefits of the rest of your skincare.
We also introduced a brand-new category for the Best Beauty Boutique, which is a tip of the hat to the swankiest standalone stores offering the best all-round shopping experience – an acknowledgment of the increasing importance of “immersive” customer service when it comes to shopping for cosmetics.
And because we believe beauty should be attainable for all, we also decided to invite you, dear reader, to choose between a drugstore or department store brand for categories like the all-important sunscreen, among other essentials. That way, we freed things up for you to pick one purse-friendly and one luxe version of a particular product, if you like.
Hopefully, this ambitious endeavour will provide a clearer picture of what it takes for a product to capture the imagination and ignite the devotion of different groups of people. The results are revealing – if a product scores a hat trick by clinching the Editor’s Choice, Readers’ Choice and Bloggers’ Choice, you’ll know it’s the (face) cream of the crop.
It is our near-obsessive attention to detail that makes these august awards so very special. Just take it from #LadyBoss Ms Tracy Lee, editor of Her World: “The Her World Beauty Awards celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. We were Singapore’s very first magazine to honour the best new beauty products annually. Thanks to our readers’ and advertisers’ loyal support, we’re considered the most important beauty awards here.”
Finally, to the 1,900-odd online voters who voted so fervently to get your favourites into this year’s hall of fame: Thank you so much for your time. The votes have been tallied and the beauty world has spoken, so bookmark this list for reference the next time you go beauty shopping!

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