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With all the beauty tips, tricks and hacks available to us, we think we know everything there is to know but there are also many ways that can go wrong where our beauty habits are concerned.


1. Not washing your face with a proper cleanser



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There are some who wash their face with just water but that’s not going to remove anything from your skin.

If you’re afraid of a cleanser being too harsh, look for one with a mild formula that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin.


2. Skipping sunscreen



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We’ll say it again: put on your sunscreen because ultraviolet rays will cause all kinds of damage to your skin – dullness, age spots or pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

What’s more, we’re living in the tropics where the UV rays are beating down on us every day. You should be putting on some sunscreen even when there is an overcast or raining because the UVA rays can still penetrate through.


3. Going to bed with makeup on


If it’s just that one time, fine. But try not to make a habit out of going to sleep without first removing your makeup. Sure, we’re only humans and sometimes the last thing we want to do is to remove makeup from our face after a long and exhausting day. But just like you wouldn’t go to bed without brushing your teeth (we hope you wouldn’t), you shouldn’t go to sleep without properly removing your makeup.


4. Popping pimples



We can’t stand the sight of them and we just want them gone as quickly as possible so we know how hard it is not to try to pop them. The worst thing you can do is to try popping your pimples with bare and unwashed hands which can then lead to hyperpigmentation, scarring, and a longer healing time. Try to resist the temptation, and try some natural remedies like tea tree oil or chamomile to help fight the bacterial infection.


5. Not blending your makeup



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Makeup streaks or uneven makeup is the grandmother of all makeup mistakes. Blending takes practice and what you need is to invest in a few key makeup brushes. If you don’t know where to start, YouTube is a great place to learn blending techniques, or go to your local beauty advisors at your favourite beauty counter who will be happy to help as well.


6. Overdrawn or overplucked eyebrows



The keyword being natural – even when you’re going for full brows. You want your brows to frame your eyes perfectly, not shout for attention.

Draw and define the shape making sure the arch is not too forced, fill in the gaps with a medium brown rather than black shade and brush through to soften the look. When in doubt, always seek the help of a professional.

Tweeze away any strays but do not attempt to reshape your eyebrows by tweezing away the hairs yourself. It is always easier to under-tweeze than to over-tweeze.


7. Not being gentler on your skin



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When it comes to applying your skincare products – especially around the delicate eye area, use your ring finger rather than your middle finger so that you’ll use less strength. You should be using gentle motions like soft pressing, tapping or dabbing.

Anything harsh like pulling, tugging, dragging or even rubbing can cause your skin to sag and result in fine lines over time.


8. Not washing your makeup brushes or sponges



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You should be cleaning your makeup tools at least weekly. This is because bacteria and dirt can accumulate.

If you’ve invested in some good makeup brushes, then you should also treat them with care. Wash with mild cleansing formulas like organic shampoo, cleansing waters or facial soaps.

If you are rushing, at least wipe off any excess makeup on a tissue. And never share your brushes with anyone – not even your best friend or sister!


9. Peeling off nail polish



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The urge to peel off your chipped nail polish is real. But it is not worth the weeks of dam- age your nails will face.

This bad habit is as bad as biting your nails. If you’re lucky, nothing happens and you get off scot-free but sometimes the result is not so desirable.

It can easily destroy the top layer of your nails and weakening them. When there’s a chip, wait till you are able to remove polish properly with nail polish remover.


10. Keeping the same mascara for months


Or worse yet – for a year! It happens especially to makeup junkies who have far too many products in one pouch. While we all have a favourite mascara, it’s important to know when to let go.

You shouldn’t take risk with anything that is applied directly onto your eye area. There is a high risk of bacteria being passed on so be sure to toss them out after three months to reduce this risk.


This story was originally published in CLEO