Harry Potter House Palettes


First off, I should warn you that these Harry Potter palettes that have been all over the internet recently do not actually exist. The reality was a little devastating when I realised the truth, so I’m not about to get anyone’s hopes up.

Still, this doesn’t change the fact that these makeup palettes are still magical enough for us to really, really, really wish they were real.

The beautiful mockup of the four Hogwarts house palettes was created by Redditor Spellsandstars a few days ago, and each palette contains the house crest on the front, and six eyeshadow shades within. There’s a gorgeous shimmery shadow on each palette with an embossed figure of the animal that represents the house, and the palette also contains two brushes with quill-shaped ends! 

Have a click through the creator’s gallery above to see all the palettes for yourself!

Personally, I’m having a tough time choosing between the Gryffindor and Slytherin palettes, though I know that if they were real, I would buy them all and probably never ever dare to use them.

The Harry Potter fandom has been about for so many years that you might be wondering why there haven’t been any mass-marketed makeup creations yet. We suspect copyright infringements are an issue, though if you’re looking for some fun, independently-created Potter-themed makeup, we highly recommend checking out Etsy.

The four palettes have received such a large amount of attention that Spellsandstars has said she’s considering giving them a go!

So fingers crossed that a makeup giant reaches out to her really soon to get the ball rolling.


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