Photo: Chopard

Perfumes have the power to affect our emotions because the part of the brain which processes scents also processes our memories. This explains why certain smells have the ability to transport us to a different place and time.

Inspired by the creative vision of Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard, the Happy Chopard fragrance collection aims to bring the spirit of joie de vivre to women’s everyday life. And the latest scent to do so, is the Happy Chopard Bigaradia Eau de Parfum.

As its name suggests, the bigaradie , also known as bitter-orange tree, is the central ingredient to this scent. According to perfumer, Dora Baghriche, she used Neroli Bigarade Petals and Orange Blossom Water, enhanced with Green Calabrian Mandarine, Petit Grain, Bitter Orange and Carrot to create a sense of freshness.

“At the heart, I put an overdose of Orange Blossom Absolute, enhancing its sweet character with a touch of natural honey from Provence, apricot and fig-milk notes. Natural Black Sesame and Patchouli, together with Labdanum, round off an addictive wake, extending the effect of a multiple orange blossom that’s free and happily wild,” elaborates Baghriche.

Here, Baghriche brings us through her creative journey and her personal influences for a closer look behind the lively and luminous eau:

Photo: Chopard

On her creative journey…

“My brief from the brand was a very clear one. I was tasked to create something that expresses happiness and joy, which is the signature of Maison Chopard when it comes to their jewellery. And I’m lucky enough to be able to start on a blank slate, to interpret joy freely. To me, joy is something very complex because many other emotions are linked to joy.

And the Happy Chopard trio of fragrances enables me to do just that. The first one of the range, Happy Chopard Lemon Dulci, was about vitality so the scent was very fresh and green. The second one, Happy Chopard Felicia Roses, was something feminine and exciting so I used rose and blackcurrant buds. And finally this latest creation, Happy Chopard Bigaradia, is about taking chances, so I selected orange blossom.”


On the impact her childhood has on her creativity…

“My grandmothers were pastry chefs and they loved using orange blossoms in their creations so the scent of orange blossoms very much reminds me of that. I also used to visit Morocco every year so the scent of orange blossoms take me back to a very happy period of my life.”


Photo: Chopard

On the topic of sustainability in the perfume industry…

“Raw materials are my everyday tools so they’re the most important part of my creative process. I think it’s very important for perfumers to recognise that if we want to use the beauty of nature, we also have to accept that it’s something that’s alive and that means it varies all the time because it’s a living process.

We have to depend on factors like that climate. However, we also have to set a standard to ensure that we can guarantee a certain quality. That’s why Chopard has this initiative called Naturals Together so that we can have access to quality, responsibly-sourced natural ingredients from all over the world.

And as perfumers, we are no longer just in a perfume lab testing samples, we want to be on the ground to understand the materials at the source. We want to help farmers.”


On her personal independence…

“I want to cultivate a free spirit within myself as well as surround myself with free spirits because I really value and need this independence in order to have no boundaries. I believe that creativity cannot exist without independence to a certain extent because we need to take the chance to travel, go somewhere and to listen to your needs.

I’m personally inspired by Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard, who’s a very free person. Independence is a state of mind, and I try not to be influenced too much by trends.