With celebrity devotees including Halle Berry, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Garner and Katie Holmes, facialist Olga Lorencin-Northrup is the A-List’s skincare guru of choice.

As the founder of LA’s famous Kinara Skin Care Clinic in the heart of Hollywood, Olga has preened the skin of countless stars and transformed the complexions of lots of normal folk too.

So, what are Olga’s skincare secrets? We caught up with the beauty maverick to discover her top tips for gorgeous, glowing skin.

“My first piece of advice is to always clean your skin at night and have a routine for the night time that includes exfoliation,” says Yugoslavian-born Olga.

“Don’t ever use scrubs, but instead look for ingredients like lactic acid or rationales.

“All skin repair and rejuvenation happens at night. So think twice before going to bed with make-up,” adds Olga, whose Kinara product range is now available to buy online.

“I also recommend that clients don’t use any moisturisers or skin care products that contain sun block at night time.

“Sun blocks are very clogging and night is the time where you have the chance to detox your skin and not clog it.”

And if you’re fickle with your facial routine, Olga recommends holding fire on swapping your products around.

“Stick to any skincare routine for at least six months if you trust the person who recommended it for you.

“Remember that skin is an organ and it takes a while to adapt to a new regiment,” Olga advises. – © Cover Media