I’ve spent the majority of my adult life dyeing, perming, rebonding and straightening my hair. The longest I’ve ever spent at a salon was actually 7 hours where I cut, dyed, bleached pink streaks and rebonded my hair all in one sitting. After almost 10 years of subjecting my hair and scalp to chemical treatments, I decided to give it a break. Our hair is actually at its optimum condition at age 14, so at my age I’m actually pretty much heading downhill. Thus, six months ago I decided to go cold turkey and stopped going for chemical treatments to try to salvage my hair.

During this time, I went for monthly scalp (because we all know a healthy scalp is essential to having healthy hair) and hair treatments, used sun protection spray to protect my hair from UV rays and tried my best to not sleep while my hair was still damp. The result? My hair breaks less easily, has barely any split ends and generally feels soft. While it’s definitely nowhere near the silken locks of those in hair advertisements, at least I can safely say my hair feels healthy. The only problem now is the daily, growing urge to dye or perm my hair.