I always love the way my hair looks whenever I step out of a salon. A day later? Not so much.

In the spirit of Christmas, I wished I had a personal hairstylist elf following me around and making sure my hair is in tip-top condition all the time.

But as much as a girl can dream, nothing beats having already luscious locks to show for.

For the first time, Keratinology By Sunsilk has developed a homecare range that will take you from one salon visit to the next.

Sunsilk Korean Bounce Therapy 3

As our tresses face environmental stresses from UV rays, as well as heat from styling and heating tools, our hair becomes damaged, develops imperfections on the surface of each strand and suffers from breakage.

What our hair needs is a product that can penetrate deep into the hair strand to nourish and restore damaged fibres and lost protein. Keratinology by Sunsilk is the perfect solution to your hair woes.

The word in the name, Keratinology, also refers to the particle size in this range of product, which is a million times smaller than a single strand of hair and 1,000 times smaller than nanotechnology, featured on most off-the-shelf hair care products, for better penetration.

Taking hair treatment to the next step, Sunsilk works to maintain salon beautiful hair the minute you step out of the salon, whether you just got a perm or coloured your hair.

Available in three different ranges – Advanced Reconstruction Program, Korean Bounce Therapy and Sun-kissed Colour Therapy – there is definitely something for your hair care needs.

Sunsilk Advanced Reconstruction Program 3

The most comprehensive range – Advanced Reconstruction Program – features six different types of products including a Hair Spa Mask  ($21.90), Detoxifying Shampoo ($11.90), Heat Protector Spray ($17.90), Express Treatment Conditioner ($11.90), Dual Treatment Shots ($22.90) and an Overnight Reconstruction ($19.90). 

They are fuss-free and easy enough for you to use it in the comfort of your own home, without requiring any professional help at all.

The ones that stood out the most include the Dual Treatment Shots, not unlike the ones used at salons, turns around severely damaged hair in just one wash. It softens and smoothens your hair in just two steps, thanks to the pico-nutrients and keratin complex.

Protecting the hair is just as important, and the Heat Protector Spray comes in handy to envelop each hair strand to ensure UV protection and frizz control. The lightweight spray is great for use before blow-drying or flat-ironing your hair.

Getting back baby soft hair at a fraction of the price you pay at the salon with Keratinology by Sunsilk, we think Christmas is definitely here early.

Keratinology by Sunsilk is available exclusively at all Watsons outlets.