Ask any trend-conscious Asian woman about their 2018 #HairGoals and most of them will probably tell you that they would like to sport the cool Ashy and Dusty tones that have taken over Instagram recently. 

That is why in 2018, Chez Vous Hair Salon created  a brand new #FakeAsh Colour Service, powered by Goldwell’s technology, that requires only one pre-lightening session to achieve various gorgeous ashy X dusty hair colours, without over-compromising the integrity of hair. 

But hold on before you book your hair colouring appointment at Chez Vous Hair Salon, these are 5 cold hard truths the hair maestros at Chez Vous want you to know.

#1 We know you hate the “B” word – Bleach

We all know that bleaching spells severe damage for your tresses, but it is also a necessary evil if you want to flaunt those trendy colours. Sometimes, even multiple rounds of bleaching is needed before lighter hues can turn out more vibrantly on dark hair. 

“Removing the dark and warm pigments from your hair using bleach is necessary for us to put your favourite shade of cool colour in. Salons and hairdressers sometimes use euphemisms like Lightener, Oil Lightener, High Lift Blonding Kit and Decolouriser. But ultimately, it’s still Bleach. Knowing how dreadful this word and process is, Chez Vous has created a colouring technique powered by Goldwell’s Technology that can minimise the number of lightening sessions to create your favourite Ashy & Dusty shades.” Associate Director @ Chez Vous, Shawn Chia.

#2. Your hair will still be damaged… but it can be minimised

Any sort of colouring and bleaching will undeniably damage your strands. It’s a fact we cannot escape from and have to accept if we want coloured hair. 

“Thanks to the revolutionary products like Goldwell BondPro+ and SilkLift Lightener (one of the most expensive bleaches in the market that contains hair-loving SilkproteinComplex and IntraLipid). The damage caused during bleaching can be dramatically reduced. That said, even with these state-of-the-art products, hair will still be inevitably damaged (though this will be minimised). Don’t believe the #FakeNews of inflated product claims such as zero damage caused to hair.” Salon Director of Chez Vous, Serene Tan


#3. #iwokeuplikethis perfect hair doesn’t happen… it takes some effort

Reality check – No one wakes up and rolls out of bed looking like an influencer on their perfectly curated Instagram feed. With the right treatments you can have low maintenance locks, but there’s no such thing as a totally effortless do.

“We are quick to envy those oh-so-beautiful hair colours that adorn the hair of head-turning influencers on instagram. But, what we don’t see is the immense effort and preparation that goes behind that perfect hair shot. These trending hair colours need to be enhanced with daily styling and hair care maintenance like pre-shampoo conditioner, dedicated colour shampoo and conditioner – such as Goldwell Kerasilk Colour range – hair masque, serums and oils. Monthly hair treatments are critical too. Created just for coloured hair is Chez Vous’ new #GlassHair Treatment for ultimate maintenance, which was developed in collaboration with hair experts at Goldwell Singapore. The maintenance list is pretty long, isn’t it?” Salon Director of Chez Vous, Victor Liu

#4. The phrase “permanent hair colour” should be banned

The old adage “nothing lasts forever” cannot ring more true when it comes to hair colour. Many people actually over-expect how long their hair colour can last looking vibrant and freshly-dyed.

“It’s misleading! All artificial hair colours fade over time, even dark colours. The term “Permanent” refers to the level of peroxide used during the colouring process – NOT indicating that the colour will last forever. Desaturated colours such as Ash and Dusty Tones will not last as long as hair colours such as Black and Warm Browns. They have to be maintained using a Blue Depositing Shampoo, which you need to leave on for five minutes daily.” Associate Salon Director of Chez Vous, Readen Chia

#5. Embrace warmer and darker hues

Mermaid hues and ash tones are undeniably the hair colours that are trending right now, and that’s why warm dark shades have unfortunately taken a back seat.

“Many women avoid warm colours such as Reds and Coppers these days – #AshHairObsession. But the right warm tones can help enhance your skin appearance while looking trendy as well – such as Mauve Browns, Chocolate Browns and Rose Copper Golds. Instead of jumping into the Ash Hair Colour bandwagon, choosing an appropriate hair colour that best compliment your skin tone, makeup style and facial features matters much more.” Associate Salon Director of Chez Vous, Wai Kan


The Biggest Takeaway: These Colours Are Just Not For Everyone

These days, many Asian women are selecting hair colour based on trends, instead of whether the hair colour enhances their look. The right hair colour has the ability to complement one’s features, conceal imperfections and brighten one’s skin tone! Without a good combination between your skin tone and hair colour, your overall appearance will fall flat, no matter how fabulous or up to date the hair colour might be. In 2018, Chez Vous Hair Salon in collaboration with Goldwell Singapore has designed a simple, participative yet accurate methodology to determine the right hair colours for Asians, exclusive at Chez Vous Hair Salon.

#RightColourMatters Diagnosis Launch Special (3 – 4 hours): $299 for short hair length and $399 for long hair length. Includes 1 X Haircut; 1 X #RightColourMatters Diagnosis; 1 X 3D Colour & Highlight or Balayage Service. Complementary 1 X Express Revitalising Supreme Hair Treatment worth up to $205 and 1 X Goldwell BondPro+ Hair Shots worth $55. To know more about #RightColourMatters and the promo terms and conditions, click here.


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