Our head of hair is a big part of our identity, just like our skin tone, fashion style and signature makeup looks. To say that we would be lost without it, is an understatement.

That’s why you should not wait for hair problems like dandruff, excessive hair fall and hair loss to hit before embarking on proper hair treatment and care. These will go a long way in helping you to maintain the health, vitality and lustre of your crowning glory. If, unfortunately, hair problems are already a constant worry for you, you need trusted and proven effective treatment scheme.


The scalp care specialist to know

Either way, Leonica K Trichology is a brand you’ll want to keep tabs on. This hair and scalp treatment specialist has garnered over 20 years of expertise in resolving hair and scalp issues using tried-and-proven trichological methods.

This is the place to go to get effective treatment for hair loss as well as other scalp troubles like itchy or sensitive scalps, and even post-partum hair loss. It all boils down to the treatment programmes that are tailored according to individual needs. What’s more, to approach each hair loss issue holistically, your diet, health, lifestyle, medical history and other relevant factors will also be assessed, so that the best and most comprehensive advice can be given.  

On the bright side, Leonica K Trichology says that most hair loss conditions are reversible, and clients can expect hair fall to reduce and hair density to improve after around three months of treatment at its facility.

Scalp cleansing for a start

One of Leonica K Trichology’s most popular services is the Deep Cleansing Scalp Treatment, $450, which we reviewed for the Her World Hair Awards 2018. Besides doing exactly what it says – leaving the scalp superbly clean, fresh and gunk-free – it also includes a totally relaxing head massage. After the session, you can expect your tresses to be soft, smooth and manageable to boot.

Moreover, all the staff at Leonica K Trichology are well versed in all hair and scalp matters, so feel free to ask the therapist all your burning hair-related and hair-care questions while you’re getting your treatment done.

Before we left, we were recommended the Activated Charcoal Detox Shampoo, $45, for use at home. It has charcoal to sop up excessive oiliness and boasts nettle and horsetail extracts to balance sebum production, which really helped to keep our scalp and hair hydrated and feeling refreshed every day.

Get a free shampoo and conditioner set worth $139, with any Leonica K Trichology treatment package purchase. Valid whilst stock lasts.