Take a look around your office and you’ll see that more of us are willing to put our hair through the chemical process for a fab new ‘do. Unfortunately, vanity can come at a cost: Whether you’re changing the colour completely or just adding in some subtle highlights and lowlights, there’s no denying the damage the process can cause, especially if it’s done on the regular.

In our desperate attempts to salvage all of that, most of us end up having to fork out a pretty penny for hair treatments every couple of months. Don’t you just wish that sometimes,you could just emerge from your colour job with hair that’s already soft and healthy.

What if we told you that it is possible?

Enter Jean Yip Hairdressing, the Official Hair Salon Partner for Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 with their exciting new hair repair system that can be slotted into any hair colouring process, and you may find yourself never wanting to colour your locks without it again. Yes, you guessed it – the exact same hair repair system used on the models to fortify their hair from all the damage done by drastic colouring in the makeover episode.


How it works

So here’s the deal. Maxiphlex is a two-step process that’s incorporated into your colour treatment. You start with the No. 1 Hair Strengthener, a formula that can be introduced into any colour or bleach product. Just think of it this way: It works like a “fibre wrap” that envelops the damaged areas of your hair, both on the surface of the cuticle as well as deep within the cortex layer.

Then, you proceed with step two that involves a Hair Protector. After all that rinsing and towel-drying, the deeply nourishing cream is applied from the roots to the ends of your hair, promising to deliver maximum protection from the harshness of the colorants.


What it does

The Maxiphlex hair system not only promises to increase the deposit of essential nutrients and moisture in your hair, it’s also said to improve the vibrancy of the colour in your hair. This helps to reduce amount of colour that gets washed out, leaving you with a fab new hairdo that tays vivid and colourful for longer!

No, none of that unpleasant ammonia-like odours with Maxiphlex. The system boasts of a unique Aromaguard technology that protects you from all the pesky stench typically associated with chemical treatments. Not only are you going to leave the salon with soft shiny hair, you’re also not going to smell like a box of funky chemicals either.

The Maxiphlex system is not limited to only using it with chemical or heat services, you can also get it done as a standalone hair strengthening treatment. The best part? It’s made specifically for Asian hair, which tends to be thicker, coarser and darker than Caucasian hair types. Bottomline: You get a formulation that’s going to give you faster and more efficient – yet safe – results on Asian hair.

Try it for less


Experience one session of Hair Colouring + Maxiphlex No. 1 at *$68.

*Applicable to first time customers above 21 years old, for all hair lengths. Additional charges are applicable for hair cuts, bleaching, highlights and other services. Only at selected Jean Yip Hairdressing Singapore outlets. Jean Yip Group reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without notice. For more information, visit www.maxiphlex.com