Here are 5 vegan haircare brands that you need to know of

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Fact one: There are tons of new haircare brands in the market. Fact two: It gets difficult to sift through all of them in hopes of finding the ideal and most suitable product for your hair type. And what’s even trickier is choosing one that falls under the vegan beauty category.

For starters, it is important to know what exactly vegan beauty means. To put it simply, the products made should not be manufactured using ingredients of animal origin and should not be tested on animals. This also means that while they may not be formulated with animal derivatives, they can actually contain synthetically made ingredients.

To save you hours of research, we pick out five vegan haircare brands you ought to try if you plan on making the switch.

1. Briogeo



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Made available recently at Sephora, the clean and natural American haircare brand offers a wide range of products with formulas that are said to be pure, potent and effective, to provide visible results. The ranges feature certain key ingredients such as matcha, kale and ginseng – and some are even named after them.

2. Coco&Eve



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Another brand that has just joined the already-robust lineup of haircare brands under Sephora is Coco&Eve. Said to be 100 per cent vegan (read: no animals testing and no animal-derived ingredients), the Bali-based brand was built using two key ingredients: raw virgin coconuts and figs. These two ingredients work together to help improve hair health, by strengthening hair and repairing damaged tresses. Bonus: the brand also carries microfibre hair towels, which help speed up the hair-drying process.




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Besides being a vegan haircare brand, EVOLVh’s products are also reportedly free of gluten, silicones, sulphates and parabens. The American haircare brand is known for its simple three-step routine: cleanse, treat and protect – to help you get healthy, luscious locks.

4. Paul Mitchell



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If you are looking for a vegan haircare brand that doesn’t just focus on shampoos, conditioners and serums, this is definitely one you should keep tabs on. The brand has semi-permanent hair colouring and styling products, and is backed by more than four decades of research and experience in creating vegan haircare.

5. My.Haircare



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There has been an increase in the number of coloured shampoos that help maintain and revive hair colour without one having to constantly head back to the salon for touch-ups (which may cause further damage to hair). My.Haircare is one vegan haircare brand that does just that. There are five different variations: copper brightens warm brown tones; gold maintains pale, medium and dark blondes; ruby boosts red and burgundy tones; cobalt subdues warmth and maintains the depth of dark ash blonde; and platinum neutralises yellow and gold pigments in bleached hair.