Don’t let greying hair get you down

Here’s a tough truth: Grey hair isn’t a problem for your grandma – just about everyone can suffer from unflatteringly grey and ageing strands. The worst thing? Regular touch-ups at a salon for your roots every month can be costly, not to mention time-consuming. (You’re better off spending that dough on a designer bag, amiright?)

The solution: Check out L’Oreal Hair Excellence Creme Double Tube, now available in a nifty double tube format for salon-grade hair – all from the comfort of your comfy couch at home to boot.

Available in five Asian-friendly shades of natural-looking blacks and browns, this tried-and-tested treatment – an impressive 90 percent of users* have attested to its efficacy at covering grey hair – edges out the competition on a couple of fronts. For starters, the formula promises to provide you with up to three times more hair and scalp care so as to reduce the likelihood of hair loss, compared to harsher conventional treatments.
Now for the icing on the cake: The economical double tube format of this kit allows for multiple usage. You can control the amount of colourant you need – just squeeze more for a full head, or rein it in for subtle touch-ups at the roots. When you’re done, simply cap it and stash aside for future use. Less mess, less stress – and less wastage, too.
And unlike other DIY boxes on the shelves that only offer a colourant and a developer, the Excellence kit comes with four components that work in tandem to provide you with #Sold!

How to cover up like a pro

Step 1. The process is easy to pull off. First, use the protective pre-serum that’s infused with calming ceramide to buffer against damage and hair-fall.
Step 2. On to colouring proper. The Double-Tube Colorant contains pro-keratin to restore and rebuild any keratin lost during colouring. Use as much or as little as you like and recap for future touch-ups. Nourishing properties aside, this actually works: L’Oreal Paris promises that your box of goodness will camouflage a full hundred percent of unwanted grey hair.
Step 3. Follow up with the conditioning balm that comes with replenishing collagen to supercharge your tresses with softness and shine.
Combining the three key ingredients from the three steps – ceramide, pro-keratin and collagen – means you’ll get to reap the benefits of three times more hair and scalp care so as to prevent hair-fall – before, during and even after the colouring process proper.
And because the fumes from regular dyes can be dreadful, this formula is also fortified with ammonia-trapping technology and suffused with a soothing floral fragrance. Translation? Your cover-up job wouldn’t make your bathroom reek of ammonia, rendering the procedure somewhat of a soothing me-time treat.

Beauty bonus:
Add-ons for maximum mane maintenance

Now that your locks are coloured to perfection, all that’s left to do is to treat it well to extend its longevity. Consider splashing out on the suite of colour-friendly swag from the L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise EverPure Moisture range, which comes amped up with protective properties to preserve the mint condition of freshly coloured hair for up to 32 washes.
Right, then. “Hairs” hoping this new treatment will get you out of a hairy situation. Good luck with un-greying your locks!

Intrigued and want to try this out for yourself? From now until March 31, 2017, the L’Oreal Hair Excellence Creme Double Tube (usual price: $20.90) will be going at an introductory promotional price of $14.50 each. That means you’ll get to enjoy 30 percent off, so do it, stat.

*Based on usage feedback from 80 women, conducted by the L’Oreal Regional Team.

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