Are you all about instant gratification, with as little effort and exertion on your part? Then say hello to the hottest hair trend that’s blowing up for the new year. What is it? Well, it promises to cleanse, condition, detangle and treat for strands that are soft and shiny – all in one step and with no sulfates, silicones and dyes to boot.
We’re talking about L’Oreal Paris’s Ever Cleansing Balm, which is billed as a lather-less cleansing conditioner of sorts. Choose from three variants: EverPure for coloured tresses; EverCurl for frizzy, wavy hair; and EverCreme for dry and damaged locks.
And for the punch it packs, the Ever Cleansing Balm is incredibly intuitive to use in the shower: Simply massage the comforting concoction into your scalp and damp hair, then rub in an extra dollop at the tips of your tresses before splashing off – no add-on conditioner required. Easy!

Less lather equals healthy hair
Another cool thing to note? The Ever Cleansing Balm works with zero foam – and that’s a good thing, because the lack of foam and froth means there’s less “friction” between each strand, so your hair’s less likely to get tangled up, which in turn means less frizz and flyaways. All things considered, this product makes for a much gentler way of cleansing compared to conventional shampoo and conditioner, and won’t irritate or dry out your locks unnecessarily. Hurrah!

Sulfate-free for supercharged shine!
What’s the deal with sulfates? By cutting out sulfates from the formula and substituting them for a milder cleansing surfactant, this product is so much less harsh on your hair. Even better, this also means it seals in the moisture of your mane for superb softness and sheen. Your locks will look as good as they feel!
Less stress, less mess
And because this multi-functional marvel is so convenient to use, feel free to stash it in your gym bag for freshening up after your workout – or indeed, bring it along on your end-year vacation or wherever you please. Bonus: The incredibly invigorating scent lingers after rinsing, so you’ll smell fantastic right up until the time you next step into the shower.
Bottomline? This is your handy hair saviour for super sleek and gorgeously glossy locks. One last thing: Singapore is also the first country in Asia to roll out the range, so cheers to looking like a shampoo ad model before the rest!

Available in Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice and major supermarkets.
Brought to you by L’oréal Hair Expertise