Our hair is often subject to harsh environmental pollution from UV rays, dust and smoke, and undergoes daily stress from styling and the use of hair products. Couple all that with factors such as lack of sleep, an inadequate diet and hormonal changes, and it’s no wonder that hair loss is a common problem for many women.
But there is a solution for maintaining strong and youthful-looking locks. TK TrichoKare offers an award-winning system that addresses hair fall and keeps your existing strands in good shape.
Three-stage haircare system
TrichoKare’s Hair Fall Prevention Treatment is specially formulated with European herbal ingredients and works in three stages – Regulate, Strengthen and Densify.
During the first stage, the treatment removes impurities while regulating sebum production to protect the scalp. The second stage stimulates the roots’ metabolism by boosting blood circulation to the hair follicles. This helps to slow down the shrinking of the follicles as well as repair damage they may have sustained. Even dormant hair follicles get a boost in this stage, and the hair shaft is given extra protection.
The third stage uses concentrated extracts containing minerals and nutrients that are said to activate the follicles so hair is encouraged to grow normally and healthily from your scalp. This stage helps hair look thicker and shinier, and makes your scalp less susceptible to damage. The treatment is formulated to suit even the most sensitive skin type. Best of all, says TrichoKare, the effects of the treatment are long-lasting.
1. Customised treatment programme
Every person’s hair condition is different. With Tricho-Scan Scalp Analysis, you can precisely gauge the health of your scalp. It gives a detailed diagnosis so that your trichologist can personalise a treatment to suit your needs.
2. European herbal hair remedy
The treatment uses only premium botanicals trusted by European herbalists for centuries, which will help the hair and scalp return to their natural optimal state.
3. Certified trichologists
The treatments at TrichoKare are administered by certified in-house trichologists (hair and scalp specialists). Prior to customising a targeted treatment, they will carefully analyse your personal history, lifestyle, genetic factors and diet.
4. Experienced hair specialists
TrichoKare specialists train under certified trichologists. They have the know-how to recommend the best treatment options and address individual needs.
5. Professional therapists
TrichoKare therapists exercise full treatment compliance recommended by hair specialists and trichologists, giving you the best pampering experience you’ve ever had.

Try the award-winning Hair Fall Prevention Treatment for $40, inclusive of GST (UP $388)!

Just SMS <HW> <NAME> <NRIC number> to 8799-9901. Plus, the first 20 readers who sign up for the trial treatment will receive a free Hair Care Kit worth $49.

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