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Just like whipped cream completes our favourite Starbucks drink, a healthy head of hair perfectly complements our luminous glass skin. After all, what’s the use of having clear, flawless skin if it’s going to be dulled by lifeless, limp locks?

And here at Her World Online, we have an endless repository filled with clever tips on how to achieve clean (and black-head free) skin. That’s why today, we’re getting all up in your hair and showing you what you need to do for luscious locks.


1. Getting in deep…conditioning

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We know the drill by now. Shampoo, conditioner, leave in for three minutes, lather and then rinse it all off.

Well, we’re here to shake it up a little. Skip out on the conditioner once every week – or two and reach instead for the deep conditioner. Why? It’s simple. Deep conditioners are fortified with the ingredients designed to maintain a strong and healthy head of hair, and leaving the product on for longer means that your hair strands will be able to properly absorb it all. Actively adding this to your hair maintenance routine will keep your locks luscious and revived.

Pro-tip: Be sure to towel dry your hair before applying the product. Having damp (not soaked) hair will ensure the product doesn’t just drip off your locks. And don’t give in to the temptation of leaving it on for longer than the instructions stipulate.




2. Cut it out

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If we’re being honest with ourselves, you probably already knew this one but it’s a message that’s worth repeating – and so we shall.

Whether you’re rocking a pixie-cut or a long, glorious mane, be sure get your hair cut every three to four months. Yes, this applies even if you’re trying to grow out your hair.

The rationale behind getting a regular trim lies entirely in encouraging healthy hair growth. It not only gets rid of split ends, it prevents further splitting of the strands. Yes, split ends travel. That means that left uncut, those split ends will only get longer and longer. And just as you would cut off a poisonous friend from your life, damaged ends have no place on your mane.

So it’s finally time to start actively scheduling a trim in your calendars. For treatment worthy of royalty, check out the Italian salon chain that opened in Singapore just last month. And if you’re doing it yourself, be sure to use a sharp pair of scissors to properly snip those damaged ends away.


3. Get to the root of it – literally

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Yes, hair treatements can treat environmentally-damaged tresses, but taking care of your scalp is just as essential in maintaining a healthy head of hair.

Just like every other part of our body, our scalp is sensitive and requires unique attention. Going for a scalp treatment allows for experts to help you identify issues you may not have known about.

What do we mean, exactly? Simple. Those strands of hair that fall out after you run your fingers through them might be natural, but they may also be indicative of weak hair follicles. And an itchy scalp might be due to dry skin or a buildup of dirt and oil in excess. There’s no shame in either scenario but as we all know, it’s best to tackle the root cause. 




4. Load up on the SPF

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We all know how important SPF is for our skin (no sun spots for us, thank you!) but just as crucial is shielding our hair from the same harmful UV rays that harm our mane as it does our skin.

Sure, it’s not possible for our hair to wrinkle but excessive exposure to the sun can cause brittle and lifeless ends – a result of hair follicles being burnt. So what can we do about it when we live in sunny and humid Singapore? Well, just like you should have SPF in your daily routine, hair sunscreen should be right in that list too – and yes, hair sunscreen is very much a real thing.

These are products that, armed with SPF protection, act as a barrier between your hair and harmful UV rays without weighing your hair down like normal sunblock would. For some Her World-approved beauty picks, check out these products that promise to keep your skin and hair well protected.


5. Stay clear of the towel

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No matter how soft and fluffy your towel may feel, using it on your soaking wet head can weaken your hair. As you may already know, our hair is most susceptible to breakage when it’s wet, which is why we never recommend brushing your hair out when it’s still not dry. But using a towel can also roughen up the hair shaft or the cuticle, which means frizzy hair that might result in more damage.

So what do we propose? Use an old shirt or a microfibre towel instead of your usual fluffy one. That way, the rough texture won’t be a problem.


6. Satin only, please

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If it takes being a diva for us to rock luscious locks, then sign us right up. This last tip involves trading up your cotton pillowcase for silk alternatives.

Cotton pillowcases may be the norm, but they can actually cause hair breakage and messy hair. Tossing and turning on these textured surfaces results in unintentional tugging of your locks. Worse still, cotton also soaks up the oils in your hair which may in turn be rubbed onto your face, leaving you with dirtier skin than before you went to bed.

A silk pillowcase, however, means tossing and turning with no worries and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth throughout the night; no tugging and no wrinkling of your skin or hair. Sounds like a double-win to us!