As someone who can’t live without her hairdryer to tame her unruly tresses, I’m all about keeping my hair looking smooth and frizz-free. So of course, I’ve tried my fair share of rebonding and keratin treatments in hopes of achieving that sleek and shiny finish. But while my hair does get smooth, it often looks too flat and unnatural. And the shine that the treatments promised was sadly fleeting as well. 

But there now seems to be a new hair smoothening treatment – Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination – that might be the answer to my hair woes. 

Eugene Teo, brand director of Chez Vous, says the hair lamination trend was made popular on TikTok a year ago – users concocted homemade hair masks with a bunch of ingredients that often included glycerine to get their locks smooth and shiny. The only problem was that the results didn’t last very long. 

Chez Vous’ Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination is the result of a year of in-house research and trials to help tackle frizz caused by Singapore’s humidity, and deliver long-lasting and high-shine effects. As its name suggests, the treatment involves coating the hair with a layer of laminate, in this case oils or other active ingredients, that is then sealed with heat. 

With the promise of sleek, glossy and more manageable hair, I booked myself an appointment at Chez Vous Hair Salon, and here’s how it went: 

Chez Vous Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination, from $235

Chez Vous

What it is 

An express deep-conditioning hair treatment that fights frizz while repairing hair and leaving it ultra-smooth and shiny. The treatment takes 60 minutes and promises results that last up to six weeks, when maintained with proper haircare.  

Key ingredients 

Exclusive sugar-based actives (hydroxypropyl gluconamide and hydroxypropyl ammonium gluconate); amino acids from camu camu fruit extract and bixa orellana seed extract to reduce hair’s porosity, to boost smoothness and combat against humidity-causing frizz; hyaluronic acid to infuse hair with intense hydration; linoleic acid and collagen to repair damage while delivering a shine-infused finish. 

The promise 

Up to 50 per cent soft curl reduction if you’ve got unruly, natural curls, in addition to 40 per cent less frizz. Hair is said to be 30 per cent stronger and less prone to breakage, as well as 20 per cent smoother to the touch. There is also an increase in hydration (10 per cent) and shine (five per cent).

As hair lamination works on the hair exterior, its main aim is to protect strands against moisture loss, as well as external environmental stressors like UV and pollution, which can leave hair dull and damaged. Chez Vous has upped the ante by including other hair-loving active ingredients, like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, to protect and nourish hair. 

Eugene tells me that with rebonding and keratin treatments, while the results last longer than hair lamination, your hair often ends up looking much flatter. Hair lamination, on the other hand, offers a much more natural finish – something I definitely prefer. 

In addition, I’m also told that Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination can be done with your colour job, with no worries of stripping the hair of its fresh colour. At most, the treatment washes out the colour by a small percentage, similar to what you would get from one hair wash. 

If you decide to get a perm, you can do so three weeks after the treatment, unlike traditional keratin hair treatments.  

It is also much gentler, as, unlike rebonding, the treatment doesn’t break the bonds of the hair to reconstruct them into sleek, straight lines. While your hair might look smooth and straight after rebonding, it’s actually damaged because of the treatment.

This also means that hair lamination is suitable for most hair types, including hair that has been bleached or coloured. 

What happened when I tried it

The treatment starts with a hair wash and short scalp massage to relax the senses. I wish all hair treatments began with the latter as it’s such a luxurious treat.  Even nicer, the treatment uses Oribe haircare products, aka the Rolls Royce of haircare, for an ultra-pampering session. 

The process involves a few rounds of hair washing, applying solutions and then sealing all the nutrients and goodness in with a flat iron, to get my hair smooth, straight and shiny. It’s similar to rebonding or keratin treatments but Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination is quicker and smells way nicer.

Back in the chair, the first solution containing vitamin C, sugar laminate actives and amino acids, is applied. My hair is then blow-dried and flat-ironed – the heat from the flat-iron is needed to help the active ingredients penetrate into the hair. 

After that, two more solutions – one with hyaluronic acid in an amino acid lotion and another with linoleic acid in a collagen mask – are applied to my hair. Then, I head to the basin to get my hair rinsed again, followed by an application of a ceramide solution to seal everything in. 

One last round of rinsing then my hair gets blow-dried, and viola! I have healthy-looking, soft, smooth and shiny locks.

Best bit? I didn’t have to sit in the salon for over two, even three, hours – all it took was just one hour. 

The next morning, I wake up to soft and sleek hair – none of the strands are out of place save for some flyaways from the tossing in my sleep. And I only had to run my brush through those and I was good to head into my first video call of the day. 

To ensure that the results last, the salon recommended that I use the Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo and Conditioner because it is gentle on the hair and won’t strip the laminate coating away too quickly. However, the haircare duo does come with less than pocket-friendly prices. The good news: I’m told that you can also prolong the results of the treatment by using a sulfate-free shampoo. 

Chez Vous

The verdict 

During the first week, my hair was still a little flat but by the time I hit Day Five, it was looking more natural.

It’s been a little over a week since I got my hair laminated, and I’m loving how smooth, shiny and frizz-free it is – and this is with hair washing almost every day. But what I really love is not having to spend time blow-drying my hair smooth and straight. All I do is lightly blow-dry my hair using my fingers – no brush needed – and it’s good as new, and with no kinks and flips either.  

I do wish the results would last longer than six weeks because I can’t stop swishing my shampoo commercial-worthy hair every time I pass a mirror these days. And the number of selfies I’ve taken since I did the treatment has increased exponentially because every day is now a good hair day. 

For more information on the Chez Vous Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination treatment, visit #05-05 Ngee Ann City, tel: 6732-9388. Or visit