woman with bleached hair
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First it was the dip-dye hair trend. Then came the pastel-coloured hair craze. And then there was rainbow unicorn hair. These are hair colour trends that we’ve been seeing for the past couple of years but they all have one thing in common. They require you to bleach your hair so that the hair colours go on better, look more vivid and last longer.

But even if you’re not one to sport such extreme hair colours, you would probably be colouring your hair into different ashy shades – the less crazy, but still trending hair colour that works really to brighten up Asian skin tones. These ashy shades still require bleaching, or lightening, as hair colourists call it. And the one big problem you face is that your coloured hair tends to become yellowish or brassy after a month or more of shampooing. 

And this yellowing of bleached hair affects Asian hair more, because we have more yellow tones in our hair, says Majifashion, L’Oreal’s new professional colouring range. That’s why you should take these steps to delay the process.

1. Use a good colour shampoo and conditioner

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It’s the first advice your hair colourist tells you when you ask about maintaining the vibrancy of your newly coloured hair: Use a good, professional brand of colour shampoo that helps to lock in the colour and shine, and make it last longer.

The only problem is that some of us who have scalp issues like itchiness or dandruff may prefer to stick to our usual shampoos instead of switching to a colour shampoo and conditioner.


2. Use a purple shampoo, or go for a professional toning treatment at the salon

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So when our bleached hair turns brassy eventually, we reach for a purple shampoo in the hopes of toning down the brassiness so we don’t look as washed out. But again, we’re faced with the same dilemma of having to swop out our favourite shampoo and choose between maintaining our hair colour or targeting our itchy scalp or frizzy hair. 

There’s an option of going back to the salon to do a professional hair toning service, of course. But the maintenance can be tedious. 

3. Use a professional hair colouring dye that has more neutralising dyes

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We think this is actually the best solution because you don’t have to choose between great hair colour and great-looking hair. And it’s where Majifashion’s new professional colour range comes in. It has 80 per cent more more neutralising cool dyes than its previous iteration under the Majirel hair colour range. And this means longer- and better-lasting cool, translucent ash colors. 

The dye is also formulated specially for Asian hair and helps to boost your hair shine by more than 40 per cent after colouring. 

Shinier hair means healthier-looking hair and add to that the longer-lasting colour and vividness that Majifashion promises – and we’re sold.