It’s not going to be a fab party if you don’t have equally fab hair. After all, if you’re already going to go all out with your party makeup, why not show your tresses some love too? Nobody’s got time for brassy, rough hair – and you definitely don’t want to sport that at your big festive shindig. 

Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela’s got your hair woes covered with its two signature hair treatments: a brand new, technologically advanced smoothing and strengthening one using the Sonic Styler Pro, and the fan-favourite Michaela Signature Perm, a must-try if you’re ever in the mood for a Japanese perm. 

If you want straight, smooth hair that still has an airy bounce…

… Try the Japanese salon’s new treatment, the Tsuya Tsuya Treatment ($150). “Tsuya Tsuya” means shiny and luscious in Japanese. The treatment, by virtue of its name, is a hair-strengthening one that helps damaged, dry hair look its best. Then, to really give your hair the TLC it needs, the Sonic Styler Pro – a flat iron-like device – is used to steam your locks.

Head hairstylist and salon manager Kenta Nagatsuka says that this device helps haircare ingredients penetrate the hair shaft better, and is 100 times more effective than a conventional hair mask.

Now, hair strengthening treatments are very popular in Singapore – which makes keratin treatments one of the most sought-after hair treatments here. Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela however says that some keratin treatments may hurt your hair due to the strong chemicals used in the process. The new Tsuya Tsuya Treatment takes away that concern. Using the Sonic Styler Pro, the treatment is able to repair your hair from within using ionised steam, and you can rest assured there won’t be any chemical damages to your hair. 

The steps

The treatment starts with a polymer treatment (that comprises elements from wool keratin and feathers) to repair and strengthen weak hair cuticles. Then, a concoction of marine collagen and amino acids will be massaged into your hair and scalp. The collagen acts as a “bounce-inducing agent” for your hair, for that lightweight airiness, while the amino acids serve to soften hair, and add a second layer of strengthening.

You’ll get a hair wash, then an “ion treatment” will be coated over your hair. Nagatsuka says that this step helps to “refresh” your hair colour, by giving it a healthy sheen, and improving its colour vibrancy. 

This is where the Sonic Styler Pro comes into play, and your hairstylist will use it like a hair straightener, gliding the device from root to tip. It has two plates on each side that vibrate at 37,000 beats per second, upon contact with water. This creates ionised steam that opens up the hair shaft, delivering nutrients more effectively because of the direct contact. The salon has also perfected the optimal temperature setting and cooling time, so that your hair is super smooth, super shiny and super straight. 

The “steaming” process takes only about 10 minutes for hair that’s mid-length. It’s very speedy, compared to conventional salon hair steaming. Furthermore, you’ll feel no heat on your hair and scalp, unlike the usual hair steamers, which can get uncomfortably hot, says Nagatsuka. 

The result

Your hair instantly feels smoother, is straighter and looks glossier. Those who struggle with knots and tangles will be pleased to know that the Tsuya Tsuya Treatment will leave you with very manageable hair. Your hair will also feel stronger – it won’t break as easily. The best part: The smoothness lasts for one-two months. Also, customers will also leave the salon with a home care kit, that’ll help prolong the effects of the treatment. These products – which has ingredients like keratin and amino acids – fall under the Michaela Pharmatica brand, a joint venture between Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela and Japanese anti-ageing brand MT Cosmetic. PSA: Over 90 per cent of Michaela customers repurchased the products, after trying them.

If you want gentle waves that won’t fall limp in the face of humidity…

… Go for the Michaela Signature Perm ($500). As the name suggests, it’s the salon’s forte. The salon has managed to perfect a process that’ll give you lasting curls that aren’t “aunty” tight, or loose to the extent that they don’t hold their shape. Instead, your hair will look naturally wavy. 

The steps

The treatment starts with a hair wash that preps your hair for the perming process. During the hair wash, shampoo with protective ingredients are used to prime the hair for the perm. Your hairstylist will also assess your hair condition, to determine how to best customise the perming solution, so your hair comes to no harm.

The perming solution is customised to your hair thickness and concerns. This is so that it won’t dry or “fry” your hair, says Nagatsuka. “The point is to feel like you’re getting a perm and a hair treatment rolled into one session.”

After the solution is applied, the perming machine will be used to fix everything in place. Unlike the usual process that takes hours, the perming process at Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela takes just seven minutes. You’ll feel minimal to no heat at all, and the job will be done before you even know it. 

The result

L- Before perm, R- after perm

Waves so natural looking, you can pass them off as an #iwokeuplikethis style. And that’s the point of the Michaela Signature Perm, it’s to add volume and texture to hair, without looking like you had anything done to it. The cherry on top: The perm truly does last – seven months and counting – even in Singapore’s humidity. 

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