Jazzing up your look with a new hair colour or style is all well and good, provided you minimise the damage sustained by your hair during the harsh heat or chemical processes that give you the latest perm or on trend rainbow-hued hair.
While the end results look good, such services could leave your locks dry, rough and prone to breakage. This usually means spending yet another few hours in the salon getting a separate hair treatment designed to smooth and soften locks.


Maxiphlex, a new breakthrough treatment offered by Jean Yip Hairdressing, provides real-time protection to allow you to achieve more. It reconditions your hair during the chemical service while damage is ongoing and provides protection before further damage is done. Healing your hair during this golden window period is more effective in minimising damage and breakage as compared to a separate treatment to rectify the damage done.
The real-time protection technology allows you to push boundaries by experimenting with colours that seemed unattainable previously as the multiple bleaching would break your hair. Maxiphlex also allows you to accomplish more in just one sitting. Leaving the salon with silky, soft locks even after multiple chemical services is now made achievable.
Working to minimise damage and breakage are the Hair Strengthener and Hair Protector. The former is mixed into the colour or bleach product during a chemical service or applied to damaged hair before heat styling, while the latter is applied after the chemical service to reinforce the reconditioning process. By incorporating the treatment with the chemical service, you are also able to save time and see great results.


Maxiphlex works like a fibre wrap that wraps around the damaged areas of the hair, both on the cuticle and deep within the cortex layer. It helps increase the deposition of essential nutrients and moisture, leaving hair soft and shiny.
Maxiphlex formulation also increases colour deposition and reduces colour wash out. Thus you are able to achieve a more precise and vivid colour for a longer period.


It also boasts a technology –Aromaguard- that counters unpleasant odours typically associated with chemical treatments, such as ammonia. So expect to leave the salon flaunting healthy looking locks with a pleasant, fresh smell.


Maxiphlex is specially designed for Asian Hair, which tends to be thicker, coarser and more heavily pigmented as compared to that of Caucasians. Therefore, customizing the solution to suit Asian hair is extremely important to achieve fast, efficient and safe results rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.
While it is meant to be used in tandem with chemical or heat services, it is also available as a standalone hair strengthening treatment.


Enjoy a Jean Yip Colour + Maxiphlex Treatment at just *$68!
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