Most women would be thrilled to solve their many hair issues, be it dealing with frizz, breakage, dryness or oily roots. Let’s be honest here, who wouldn’t want to ever face a flat hair day again? The causes of bad hair can range from anything like regular hairstyling products, chemical treatments or even internal stresses such as excess sebum. And the main reason why this damage happens is because the cuticle layer has been weakened.

The cuticle is the outermost and therefore most exposed layer of your hair. It’s made up of overlapping layers of protein, called keratin, which gives hair strength, keeps moisture within each hair strand and protects it from external stresses. But, when hair cuticles are damaged, keratin is no longer able to hold the hair together.

In addition, hairstyling tools and chemical treatments such as colouring also cause damage by lifting the cuticle, thus making it hard for hair to absorb and retain moisture. These culprits also wear away hair cuticles, resulting in a porous surface and weakened hair.

Plus, an uneven cuticle surface leads to unsightly tangled hair, as this prevents shampoo from coating each hair strand evenly, thus resulting in tangles that weigh hair down.

The new Essential hair care range is formulated with an improved 360° Cuticle Care Technology, which repairs and protects hair cuticles from everyday stresses for smoother, tangle-free hair.

The improved nano-mesh technology coats hair cuticles evenly from root to tip, reducing friction between hair strands and protecting hair cuticles from damage. Once friction damage is eliminated, hair will no longer be tangled or frizzy. Even hair that has been exposed to years of hairstyling and colouring becomes smoother and more manageable.

Each product from the Essential hair care range is for a specific type of hair stress.

The new Tame & Control Shampoo and Conditioner targets frizzy hair caused by regular heating and drying. When hair is heated, the sudden dehydration can cause the hair layers to crack and cuticles become brittle and rigid. And, once you factor in the humidity in Singapore, this means that these cracked hair cuticles also allow moisture in the air to seep in, causing cuticles to swell and distort hair shape. This results in fluffy frizzy hair many of us experience when our hair dries after a shower.

Another new product is the Weightlessly Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner, formulated for flat and limp hair caused by uneven cuticle surface.

The existing variants in this product range have been re-formulated with 360° Cuticle Care Technology. Nourishing Breakage Defense Shampoo & Conditioner is ideal for weak and damaged hair caused by frequent rebonding, curling and colouring; Moisturising Frizz Free Shampoo & Conditioner is for dull and rough hair caused by constant use of hair dryers; and Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo & Conditioner targets oily roots and dry hair caused by excess sebum build-up and daily hair stresses.

The 360° Cuticle Care Technology turns your daily hair care regime into a simple and effective one.

Once you’ve washed your hair with these products, all you have to do is finger comb through it, and you’ll have well-behaved, tangle-free hair.

Redeem free samples of the Essential haircare range, Moisturizing Frizz-Free or Nourishing Breakage Defense here.