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2018 left us spoilt for choice when it came to hair trends; from strandlights to stained glass hair, there were a thousand and one things we could do with our locks.

The problem is, not all of the hair trends were suitable for the office, especially if you weren’t working in the creative industry – imagine showing up in court with rose gold hair.

If you’ve been feeling left out, we have good news because the biggest hair trend of 2019 (so far) is one that’s friendly for all workplaces, and flatters all skin tones.


Introducing the negative space hair trend  


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Referring to the area around and between a subject or object, the negative space trend is no stranger to the beauty industry.

Think back to the nail art seen in the Jeremy Scott fall/winter runway last year (also called orbit nails), or the futuristic eyeliner style made massive in 2015 thanks to the likes of Lily Collins and Kendall Jenner.

This style is not new to the beauty industry, but it is the first time it is making its way up to our locks.


What does it look like?


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The negative hair trend is basically putting more emphasis on your base colour, and placing highlights deliberately only around your face to create dimension while drawing attention to your face.

This way, your base colour shines through, making it universally flattering as you would choose a colour that suits your skin tone, or simply work with your natural hair colour.


Who is it for?


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Anyone, really! In our opinion, this trend is best for those who are looking to add some lightness around their face, but doesn’t want to have to commit to monthly maintenance sessions.

With the negative hair trend, you’d typically only need to head back to your salon for touch ups every 4 to 6 months as the highlights are added on in the style of a balayage instead of foil, meaning the colours aren’t meant to start at your roots. Talk about a dream come true.

This trend is also subtler than a traditional balayage as it uses less highlights, making it perfect for those who work in more offices with more conservative dress codes.  


How to achieve it


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If you are a brunette, look toward caramel and soft, golden brown highlights. Blondes (natural or otherwise) should opt for platinum or ash highlights.

Bear in mind that the negative-space hair trend works best when it is subtler, as you don’t want the lighter and darker shades to be too contrasting – less is more, people.

Get your colourist to start slow by lightening a few pieces in the front and incorporating more as you go along.

As this trend requires some lightening (and therefore bleaching), don’t forget to add a deep conditioning hair mask to your shower routine to restore shine and moisture to your locks.