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It’s not an overstatement to say that Korean beauty trends are popular all over the world. The K-beauty industry has seen a phenomenal rise over the years.

We caught up with Selena, manager of leading Korean hair salon in Singapore, Be De Bon, to get a heads up on the most head-turning Korean hairstyles of this season.


Hippie perm

This long, glossy “mermaid” inspired waves combine casual beach vibes with the spirit of the seventies.

According to Selena, you should ride this wave (pun fully intended) because this hairstyle adds more volume to your hair and is surprisingly easy to manage. The true key to defining your waves artfully is to blow-dry the roots before scrunching your curls.


Build perm

This is a hairstyle that will never get old due to its fun, bouncy movement and choppy ends. To achieve this hairstyle, Selena recommends getting a digital setting perm. The main difference between other perms and a digital perm is the shape and texture of the waves created.

When you get a traditional perm, your waves are most prominent when the hair is damp and loose when the hair is dry. With a digital perm, on the other hand, your waves are most prominent when the hair is dry and loose when the hair is wet. Because of this characteristic of digital perms, less styling product is required to enhance the curls and it looks more natural. The finished look is similar to what you get with a curling iron or hot curlers. Selena recommends adding definition to your curls with curl cream and blow-drying at the roots for lift in the roots.


Red ultraviolet hair colour

According to Selena, this dark, sultry shade is a “strong and sophisticated colour that flatters Asian skin tones.” Believe it or not, this deep purple hue with hints of red doesn’t require too much maintenance. If you want your hair colour to last longer, Selena recommends rinsing your hair with warm water, using colour shampoo and applying hair treatments.



Unlike the slightly mortifying tight ringlet curls of yesteryear, this K-beauty invention is much more wearable, with waves at the tip tapering inwards towards the chin to create the illusion of a younger and slimmer v-shaped visage. “In countries where the weather is humid, curly hair can be quite difficult to manage. A c-curl perm requires little to no maintenance as you can actually leave it as it is. Also, it (c-curl) is still and will continue to be popular because it can help you to look younger,” said Selena. 

Maintenance-wise, the c-curl hairstyle requires minimum fuss – some dry shampoo, a curling wand or blow dryer and round brush and some volumising setting spray will suffice.


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