The Golden Rule for Healthy Hair Growth

Healthy hair begins at the scalp. In our humid climate, it’s essential to keep the scalp clean as it can get clogged up with excess oil, dirt and chemical residue easily. Also, without a clean scalp, topical care products such as hair tonics, essences and ampoules would not be able to penetrate into the skin. Worse, when hair follicles are clogged up, it becomes difficult for hair to grow healthily. With time, hair gets thinner until eventually the follicle becomes inactive and no hair can grow from it anymore.

To prevent this from happening, there are two things you can do. First, to always cleanse your scalp gently and thoroughly. When you shampoo, work in a quick massage to effectively remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells, and to boost blood circulation for healthy hair growth.

Second, treat your scalp and hair to the VE Protein® Scalp Treatment by Jonsson Protein, the Hair Care Expert™. Hailing from the US, this treatment is suitable for both men and women. It deep cleanses the scalp and treats it with a nourishing protein treatment. Before the treatment begins, your scalp is carefully analysed so the therapist can understand your scalp condition and needs. Following that, the scalp is deeply cleansed to unclog any congestion in hair follicles. Heat from a steamer is then used to help expand the follicles before a VE Protein®-based treatment is applied over the scalp for better absorption. For a more targeted treatment, the protein-based VE Protein blend can be customised according to your scalp needs. Lastly, a second scalp analysis is done to help you understand your scalp’s condition both before and after the treatment. Depending on your scalp’s initial condition, you are very likely to see an improvement after one session of the VE Protein® Scalp Treatment.

By combining a good hair care routine at home with a monthly in-salon scalp treatment like the VE Protein® Scalp Treatment by Jonsson Protein, the Hair Care Expert™, you’ll be sure to notice healthier-looking hair.

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