Cheryl Chio, editor and beauty blogger, Beautifulbuns: 
Dusol Beauty Novena, #03-73/76 Square 2, tel: 6397-6560
“Kevin Gim does my colour. He understands all the little things I like and dislike, and exactly what I want very well.”


Larry Yeo, makeup artist:
Hairloom, #01-50/52 Shaw Towers, tel: 6295-2088
“My regular stylist is Michael Chiew, but everyone there has cut my hair before. They really understand my head shape as a bad cut will make me look like Fido Dido from the ’90s!”  


Caryn Lim, founder of Coat nail colours: 
Kenaris Salon, #04-03 Wheelock Place, tel: 6333-8206

“I’ve been going to Vincent Soh ever since I was in my teens! He always patiently listens to what I want and then gives me his professional opinion as to what will work for me and what won’t. He knows exactly the kind of cut, colour and treatment I need.”  


Astrie Sunindar-Ratner, founder, The Beauty Candy Apothecary: 
Kim Robinson, #02-12 Ngee Ann City, tel: 6738-8006
“Cathy Shu colours my hair – she’s the best!”  


Dr Low Chai Ling, medical director, The Sloane Clinic: 
Mosche Hair Salon, Level 2 Royal Plaza on Scotts, tel: 6734-0923
“Leslie Yap is one of my go-tos for hair maintenance.”


Clarence Lee, makeup artist: 
Sublime Hairdressing, #05-32 Orchard Central, tel: 6733-6966
“I’ve been going to Benny Chong since 1997 and have sported hairstyles of different lengths, from super short to almost down to the waist. Every once in awhile, I get people asking who does my hair because they want to go to him, too.”  


Lynn Tan, managing director, Fusion Cosmetics: 
Botanics Creation, #03-11/12 Pacific Plaza, tel: 6235-0362
“I love the Spa Signature Clarifying Scalp Treatment.”


Dr Lum Yang Xi, medical doctor, IDS Clinic: 
Chez Vous, #05-05 Ngee Ann City, tel: 6732-9388
“My best friend recommended Winky Loke. I never told him how I like to wear my hair, but he’s been able to read my mind and work his magic.”  


Cheryl Chio, editor and beauty blogger, Beautifulbuns: 
The Comb Hair Studio, 12 Gemmill Lane, tel: 6438-3138
“I go to Ryan Kin  for perms. Their prices are really affordable, and it gives me nice natural waves like those stars have in the K-dramas.”


Gladys Cheng, CEO and founder, Jet Concepts:
VC Hair, #01-02 HPL House, tel: 6836-4717
“I go there for fantastic colouring and highlights, which are never boring. Vincy Koh usually does my colour.” 


This article was originally published in SImply Her July 2016.