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In a bid to look forever young, we spend most of our money on skincare and facial treatments. Our hair often gets relegated to the back burner.

While most of us have absolutely no problem growing older, we’d still like to age gracefully for the most part.

Read on for some of the biggest hair mistakes that women make.


Remember that grey hair is very stubborn

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Celebrity hair & makeup artist Andrea Claire, who also cuts and colours clients’ hair out of her home advises, “Grey hair can be very stubborn to take on colour, especially Asian hair with grey. First, your hairstylist needs to assess your percentage of grey. Highlights (lighter) or lowlights (darker) could be an option.”

She says to opt for “a mix of foils and all over colour for added depth and a more natural appeal. The foils will also break up the demarcation line (roots) as it grows out so you aren’t feeling like you need a colour 4 weeks later.”


Making an extreme colour change

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Women tend to make hair changes when they’re going through something big in life, even if it’s emotional.

Extreme changes in colour can look amazing paired with the correct balance of skin tone, a wardrobe overhaul and a glam team at your beck and call, but an extreme shift in colour for your hair can look harsh and prematurely aging.

Andrea also says, “The more grey you have, the harder it is to accept colour – but it’s not impossible. You see a lot of older people with bright, sheer violet or red looking roots – that’s not by choice, that’s an improper colour mixture. Simply, if you’re 50% grey, you need half of your formula to fill your grey and the other half to be your target formula.”

As with extreme colour changes at any age, Andrea says that “the trouble is the root growth and the need to get it touched up too often. Tell your hairstylist your hair goals so she can discuss expectations and maintenance with you. Don’t sign on for a chemical service until you feel 100% sure about it.”


Forgetting hydrating products

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Yes, you have your serums lined up for your face, but what about your hair?

Dry, damaged and overly processed hair is the first thing that ages you when it comes to your mane. Add a weightless oil to damp or dry hair for extra sheen.


Using a single colour to cover the greys

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You really don’t want to look like a 13-year-old trying boxed hair colour for the first time, do you? We thought so.

Instead, Andrea spills insider secrets, “Semi-permanent colours are really underrated in Singapore.

A great semi will add richness and shine to your hair. Do note that they do not lighten the hair, however you can change the hue or go darker. They gradually wash off 4-6 weeks later.

The youthful appearance comes from the shine they give. Semis stain the outer layer of your hair shaft so there is literally zero damage; in fact, they have conditioning properties to them.

I personally handle a ton of colour correction so I use semis as a transition colour to get my new clients on a path to good hair.

Semis are also used to tone improper colour choice. You can tone hair that’s too brassy or that’s too ashy.”


Getting ashy tones on your hair


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“So often clients of all ethnicities push for ‘ash’ which can be very aging and appear grey.

They see Instagram and Kardashian colours but don’t understand they aren’t being followed by ring lights and makeup and camera crews.”