Photo: Pia Muehlenbeck/Facebook

#1: When You’re Growing Out A Bob
Growing out a bob might seem like an easy task, after all, don’t they always say that a long bob, or “lob” is one of the most versatile styles to have?

But the issue is, growing out a bob means your hair was cut and shaped to be a bob.

This means that in the process of growing it out, its cut and shape might not be the most flattering as a lob.

Here, four ideas on how to manage an awkward lob including adding texture, accessorising and even how to use hair extensions.


#2: When You’re Growing Out A Pixie
Growing out a pixie is one of the most challenging thing you’ll ever do  when it comes to hair styles — trust us, we know.

A pixie cut is usually layered all the way through, and growing it out requires months, if not a year of patience, as well as getting it frequently trimmed.

Here, you’ll find several ideas on styling your hair while growing out a pixie cut, including a sleek look, a voluminous and texturised look and everything in between:


#3: When You’re Growing Out Your Bangs
Anyone who’s had bangs will know that it’s definitely up there with all the love-hate relationships a woman will have in her lifetime.

So if you’ve decided to grow them out, you might find it difficult to switch things up during the in-between phase. This video will show you seven easy ways to style your hair while hiding your short-ish bangs.

Do note that Aja Dang made this video after she got bangs but wants to have the option of styling her hair as though she didn’t have bangs, but these tips work perfectly for those growing out your bangs as well.

Maintaining bangs can require a lot of commitment as well, as it requires frequent trimming to keep it at the perfect length. To put off your salon appointment for a few more days, this video will give you ideas on how to style your bangs to tide your through these awkward phase. Needless to say, these styles work perfectly for those growing out their bangs as well:

Here, absolute essentials to help protect your hair and prolong its style, no matter the length:


Vernon Francois Light Weight Styling Serum, $38 for 50ml

Virtually weightless and non-sticky, prep your hair with a small amount of this hair serum before heat-styling. It detangles, conditions, protects and adds a touch of healthy shine to your tresses.


OUAI Memory Mist, $42 for 126g 

Specially formulated to memorise your hair’s shape and texture, this is designed to lock in your style until your next shampoo so the last thing you have to worry about is your hair losing its shape and style.


IGK First Class Dry Shampoo, $43 for 288ml

This charcoal powder-based dry shampoo absorbs grime, sweat and dirt while detoxing your scalp to keep it fresh and clean.

It also contains white tea powder to soothe the scalp and strengthen hair follicles. Just spritz generously onto scalp and massage it in to instantly refresh your scalp and give limp hair an instant root lift.


Living Proof Style Lab Instant Texture Mist, $36 for 148ml

Rough up your locks with this weightless texturising spray.

Thanks to the brand’s three-dimensional technology which uses magnetic texturisers which repel one another to give your hair a lived-in look, it also contains a patented molecule, PBAE, which coats each hair strand to thicken and increase hair volume.

Best part? It doesn’t leave hair stiff or sticky and you can easily use it on damp or dry hair, with or without heat-styling.


Percy & Reed Surprisingly Strong Extra Hold Hairspray, $26 for 250ml

Hairstyles don’t hold themselves well in our humid climate, which is why you need this ultra-fine and humidity-resistant hair spray that locks in your style all day long.

It also protects your hair from the elements and keeps frizz at bay so you’ll never have one single strand of hair out of place.