What to do when you spot your first grey hair

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While stress, nutritional and hormonal factors may affect hair colour, by and large, the predisposition to go grey earlier or later in life is genetic. So yes, it is something you can blame your parents for.

Don’t freak out though, says celebrity hair and make up artist Andrea Claire, who regularly cuts and colours hair of her private clients.

“I’m a huge believer in doing something for yourself. As soon as you adjust your appearance for others, it affects your inner core. You have to be happy with you. There’s a massive movement for accepting grey hair and if you’re not bothered by it, don’t get bullied into colouring it. Who cares what your aunt thinks or some random in line at the grocery store.”

If you are bothered by it, here are some things you can do:

Change your part

What to do when you spot your first grey hair

Photo: 123rf

Found your first grey where you usually part your hair? The simplest solution is to just switch your part around. It’ll give you a fresh look that may seem that you’ve done something new with your mane.


Andrea says that if you’re less than 20 per cent grey, there are three options you can try at home.

“Try temporary hair mascaras that wash out with shampoo or semi-permanent colour that stains the hair and gradually fades out 4-6 weeks later without demarcation lines or you can foil those pieces with your own colour formula vs all over colour.”

Try Volume

A touch of height at the roots can mask grey hair, and so can curls. Spray a volumiser at the roots, then blow-dry the hair upside down to create volume.

Go to a professional

What to do when you spot your first grey hair

Photo: 123rf

“If you want to colour it with permanent colour, really stubborn greys or a lot of grey need colour formulas that include a base shade as well as a desired shade. Without the deposit of a base colour, you can end up with muddy looking grey or even unintentional pink or violet. Always consult a pro when it comes to colour, especially when you’re looking for clean results without mishaps,” Andrea advises.