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Sure, your face shape dicates a whole host of personal styling preferences when it comes to your makeup and hair. The face shape is the go-to for guiding people on what hair styles will suit them best.  This is all well and good, but actually, your hair TYPE also holds a heavy hand on how you should have your hair cut and styled. 


1. Thin hair in all areas

Hair styles that suit this type are: Angled or Graduated Bob / Lob

Angled or Graduated Bob / Lob (i.e. the hair at the back is shorter than the front) will add body and shape to your thin hair. The graduation will help re-distribute the weight back to your crown. Also, you can try Root Stretch colour technique, where the roots are coloured slightly darker than re-growth to give illusion of a denser root area. Avoid long hair length as the weight of the hair will make your crown appears flatter than it already is.

For greater root lift, try out Chez Vous’ Root Volume Perm invented by Associate Salon Director, Oscar Lee, for the extra bounce at the roots and reduce the visibility of the scalp.


2. Thin strands but lots of hair

Hair styles that suit this type are: The Swag

The bangs add volume to your crown and make your hair appear thicker, while the shaggy layers can easily be manipulated into curls and waves add depth and texture without making your hair look too big.

Bonus: Spray on a little Sea Salt Spray for a more contemporary and tousled look.  



3. Thick strands but not much hair

Hair styles that suit this type are: Pixie Cut

This is perfect for women with thick strands but are suffering from hair loss. To pull off a pixie cut, the hair diameter must ideally be above average to hold its shape. With less weight pulling the hair down and minimal brushing, one can expect fuller-looking hair while reducing hair breakage. All you need is some wax or clay, and you’re good to go.

If you’re one of those blessed ones who have extreme thick hair that looks dense even when you are suffering from hair loss problems, you can opt for undercut or a close-cropped to reduce the usual heaviness.



4. Thick hair in all areas

Hair styles that suit this type are: Long Layers

Long Layers add lightness and movement to thick hair, while reducing the weight of it and reduce the weight at the bottom. Bottom-heavy hair can sometimes drag one’s appearance down, making her look fatigue.

When all else fail, do a half-up style to keep your mane away from your face while accentuating your facial features and your hair’s lushness.


5. Curly hair

Hair styles that suit this type are: Blended Bangs with Light Layers at the Bottom

Blended Bangs with light layers at the bottom suit women with curls best. The light layers at the bottom will accentuate the curls while keeping it in control. Also, the natural curls of the hair will help swept the bangs to one side, keeping it neat while concealing any wrinkles one might have. The best part, side-swept bangs does have a slimming effect as well!

Bonus: If you are blessed with slender shoulders, you might opt for Lob (Long Bob), with short layers in the back and long, face-framing layers in the front to create an edgy look.



6. Grey hair

Embrace your grey!

Grey can be beautiful too. Embrace your grey! Constant roots retouch can be painful and time-consuming. Why not try to grow out your greys. After all, full-fletched grey bob or pixie hairstyle can be gorgeous too. If your grey is a little patchy, opt for a blonde (blue or purple depositing) shampoo. If you find grey hair too boring, insert panels of black low-lights into your hair for an edgier look.

Most importantly, moisturize your grey hair regularly to create a vibrant shine to it.



7. Heavy and straight hair.

Hair styles that suit this type are: WOB (Wavy Bob)

WOB (Wavy Bob) is trending and it’s best suited for women with heavy and straight hair. Heavy and straight (especially long) hair creates an intense frame around the face, highlighting any facial flaws one might have. Think of your face as a painting, which will attract more attention to the painting? A thick black framed painting or a painting without frames? Also, heavy and straight (especially black) hair can sometimes make one look haggard.

A Wob (Wavy Bob) will help open up one’s face and bring out one’s cheekbones. If youthful facial plumpness is a thing of the past for you, the waves will soften the feature and make it appear fuller and fresher.



8. Straight but flyaway hair

Hair styles that suit this type are: Neat Hair

One major rule be it curls or straight looking hair, always keep them well-coiffed and healthy-looking. Otherwise, it might “upstage” you and your actual capability, and be perceived as someone unkempt and disorganise. If you have frizzy and unruly-looking hair, opt for Chez Vous’ Hair Botox & Fillers semi-permanent therapy programme to remove those frizz without damaging your hair. Results last up to 90 days.