Don’t you just get so jealous when you see someone with luscious and voluminous hair walking by, without a care in the world? And there you are, wishing the dry and damaged ‘straw’ on your head were half as silky and half as willing to fall becomingly on your shoulders.
We understand the pain of having hair and scalp problems and the urgency in finding treatments that actually work – and not some bogus bottles that throw the word ‘keratin’ around loosely to earn your hard-earned money.
Enter PHS Hairscience, which fuses which fuses trichology, science and technology to come up with bespoke solutions to just about every hair and scalp care issue out there including dandruff, oily or sensitive scalp, hair loss, grey hair, dry or damaged hair out there – and with treatments specifically targeted for Asian scalp and hair types, too.


The efficacy of a treatment resides in digging deep and uncovering the cause of a problem. Most quick-fix solutions only target the surface of the scalp, which may relieve the problem temporarily – but what we are looking for is a one-stop permanent solution.
PHS Hairscience’s award-winning signature three-step Customised DSR (Detox, Stabilize, Regrow) Hair & Scalp Spa Therapy that aims at solving your hair and scalp problems more effectively in the long-term with active ingredients that targets the scalp issue and technology that helps penetrate nutrients into the dermis layer of your scalp to rectify issues at the root.
The best part yet? You can personalise the entire programme according to your concerns. All of the treatments in the programme are meticulously curated by a trichological trained professional to ensure optimal results. The treatments are also adaptable, which means that they will tweak the protocol to accommodate your scalp concerns as they evolve along the way.
Here’s how it works. The first step to the bespoke programme involves a hair and scalp analysis to determine the starting point and condition of the scalp. Thereafter, different steps and products addressing issues such as thinning hair, oily or sensitive scalp, dry hair or even heavy hair loss will be factored into the programme, according to your needs.


Using a blend of patented Korean botanical herbs, the treatments incorporate acupressure techniques from the East to ease your scalp into relaxation and to encourage better absorption of products. A unique Aroma Touch is included that helps to soothe all of your senses, allowing you to feel utterly refreshed and rejuvenated after the treatment. To further amp up the pampering factor, you’ll enjoy a relaxing shoulder and hand massage to release all the tight knots you might have racked up from the stress of your daily life.
PHS Hairscience boasts top-notch service and treatment facilities, with friendly and attentive professionals on hand to provide expert advice on how to tweak your lifestyle to amplify the effects of your programme.
The spa-like environment is perfumed with aromatic essential oils for a complete sensorial indulgence; there are also massage chairs and personal entertainment consoles to occupy yourself with while having your treatment.
Take it from the immaculately groomed socialite Jamie Chua herself: “When it comes to the wellbeing of my hair and scalp, I can always trust PHS Hairscience! Their treatments and services are excellent and relaxing. The Customised DSR Hair & Scalp Spa Therapy is one of my beauty essentials. I know I’m in good hands as they follow-up with me on every treatment, monitoring my results and showing me the improvements.” Talk about a ringing endorsement!

Intrigued and keen to suss it out for yourself? Enjoy the Advance Scalp Repair + Miracle Hair Therapy at only $28. Call 6692 0662 or book now quoting “Her World Plus” to redeem.
Valid till 20 August 2017, for first time customers, Singaporeans, E & S pass holders only.



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