For busy, working executives working 10-hour days, shower time is possibly the only time you get to disconnect from the world. So, you’ll really want to pamper yourself.

Enter Diane Bonheur’s range of haircare products. The new range, Diane Bonheur, is a premium line of artisanal craft shampoos – and we think they’re perfect as a mini pampering treat every day. 

Farm-to-hair philosophy

Bonheur means “happiness” in French, and Diane Bonheur represents the happy connection between the farmlands, Mother Nature, manufacturers and us. 

Diane Bonheur meticulously selects every ingredient that goes into its shampoos and conditioners. Ingredients are procured from regions that they’re best known for. Working with farmers worldwide, Diane Bonheur takes special care to know what goes into its products, exactly where the ingredients are harvested from, and if they are sustainably obtained. Every product is a labour of love, lovingly crafted to ensure that its made with the well-being of the environment, farmers, and users in mind. 

Of course, that makes us happy too, knowing that our hair products are both luxurious and sustainably sourced. 

Craft fragrance, in a bottle

Diane Bonheur has two shampoo-treatment variations. There’s the Grasse Rose range that repairs and nourishes dry, damaged hair, and the Orange Flower range, which helps add shine to dull, dry hair. 

These scents are extracted from the Rose de Mai and Neroli flowers grown in Grasse, in the south of France. Grasse enjoys a cool Mediterranean climate and is known as the cradle of perfumery where exquisite, natural ingredients are cultivated and used in many luxury perfume brands. Brands like Chanel and Dior also make use of the Rose de Mai extract in their fragrances. 

Take the Rose de Mai flowers that make up the Grasse Rose scent. These are handpicked in May each year, and the harvesting can only be done within a three-week window to ensure that the roses are at their optimal growth stage for fragrance extraction. The delicate flowers have to be handpicked so that it remains whole and undamaged for most effective extraction. The flowers are dried immediately before they go through a slow distillation process. It takes 300 roses to yield 1g of pure Rose de Mai essential oil – that’s how precious the ingredient is. Orange Flower essential oils are similarly obtained from the Bitter Orange plant. 

The entire process is a tedious one that requires the dedication of craftsmen. Diane Bonheur has partnered with an established fragrance manufacturer with 200 years of experience in perfumery. The sweet, mellow scents are the result of multiple rounds of blending by these top-class perfumers. 

The five standards of Diane Bonheur

Apart from the luxurious scents, the brand also uses 100 per cent cold-pressed single origin oils for the best hair benefits. The oils come from all around the world: Pequi Oil from Brazil, Argan Oil from Morocco, and Shea Butter from Burkina Faso in West Africa. 

Diane Bonheur adheres to five strict standards for the production these craft oils:

Fair Trade: To ensure that the rights of marginalised farmers and workers are protected.

Traceability: Single origin oils used in products come from sources that can be tracked.

Organic: Ingredients are cultivated without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Sustainability: Farming techniques will not harm the environment, human communities and animal welfare.

Cold-pressed: Craft oils are extracted at low temperatures to retain purity and quality.

On top of craft oils, the brand also uses craft soap in its products. That means, fully plant-derived cleansing ingredients that’ll give a dense, luxurious foam when shampooing – without harsh sulphates and surfactants thrown in. 

Your new luxe haircare products

Diane Bonheur prides itself on providing quality and luxe haircare products for customers who’re looking to pamper themselves after a day’s work. After all, they are artisanal in all aspects – striving to only use the most quality of ingredients that are good for us, and good to the earth, too.

Diane Bonheur is retailing at $22.90 per bottle (500ml) and $8.90 for the travel set, which comprises a shampoo and a treatment (2x40ml).

Customers can purchase them at Watsons, Don Don Donki, Tokyu Hands, BHG-Welcia and BHG department stores.